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What countries are free?

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What countries are free?
I would like to know which countries/areas didnt have lockdowns, mask and orwell lovers in the world, where I can go to the shop with no mask, no vaccination, etc, the idea is to move there, because I can see there is going to continue and it is gonna get worst and worst.
The countris should:

- have a policies of no mask, no terror over covid.
- No vaccines
- It would be nice if this in europe, if they cut the roads and close the airport I will go even walking or cycling
- Should be cheap.
- Save and normal(not somalia or something crazy).

I know it is not going to be easy to get a place with ALL these features, but it would be nice thing.

I have been looking for and I have found what belarus and Tayikistán didnt have lockdowns. Here You can see what countries didnt close the schools:

and I know what montenegro was the last country to claim they have the "virus".

I want to go to this place BEFORE october, because in OCTOBER A LOT BAD THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

I am in and from Spain, we still have the covid thing here...

Do you have more information about?, where people like us can run away from covid/communist/etc

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