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what do you usually search on google.com?


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Sep 17, 2009
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i search mainly about my projects work on Google.com and aslo type my doubts and questions in google.com, it best search engine .. also it uses Ajax technology to make search faster... also their browser google chrome works same as much faster as that of google search engine... guys what do you earch in google.com
I usually search for any topic in google only. I am a frequent google user. Mostly I search for Songs and images. For some good companies to get a good job. Search for good topics for my Mobile communication project.
Mostly I use Google search engine for searching Online money making websites.Most of the time , scam sites are displayed first .But there are good sites also, although these sites are rare.I also use Google to learn Web design and clear all doubts through it's search. Another search engine I use is "ask.com", if any data I found in Google search is insufficient and not informative.
I am currently doing a pharmaceutical production Job, so I usually prefer to some more search about current job opportunities in the pharma market.
At first I use Google and then other search engines such as yahoo,ask and others.I am fancy on "earning some money online" without any investment. Mostly I am lucky that I get 5 good sites, where money earning capacities is real.I also search about new topics on finance,politics ,diplomacy and other international events.

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