What is happend when bank close my account


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What is happens when bank close my account because they are changing rules.
Are they give back money? If yes, how?


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Hi, in wich jurisdiction u have your account , and wich bank is ???
You never have received any emails from this bank before that this happen???
They freeze your money without any reason ?? strange...
You have tried to contact them ????


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Depends on why your account has been closed. If your account is suspected in connection to money laundering, terrorism or criminal enterprises then expect a very long wait, perhaps indefinite, until you see your money again. May need to go to court.

If your account has been closed for "business reasons" (as in, they don't want to be in business with you any longer) then you will simply need to provide an account in your name where they will wire your remaining funds.

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In most cases they give you a month or two to open a new account in other bank. In some cases, when you provide them with a liquidation certificate/notice, they let you transfer the funds to your private account.

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