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What kind of people turn you off?


Offshore Agent
Sep 15, 2009
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I used to say with great pride that I was not in the least bit prejudiced. Then I joined the navy, and was then immersed into a society where a certain group of people began to gnaw at my patience. To see them dress, act, and live a certain way, then cry racist when I opened my mouth to ask about it, just felt like my hand was being slapped away. Basically, this was the beginning of my prejudice, and it wasn't a single skin color of people either. I saw several skin tones that fell into this category, and I grew to hate that attitude more than anything. Don't get me wrong, I had several great friends that were not my ethnic background, and I'm not slamming any specific ethnicity. I am slamming an attitude that says I'm better than everyone else, and I don't care who I walk on as long as I look cool.

What about you? What kind of attitudes screw you the wrong way, so to say? Don't answer if you have a racist comment, I'm just looking for characteristics that come from inside, and those are all too often visible from the outside...so what's your take?