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What makes you people watch wwe??


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Sep 17, 2009
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Still after realizing that wwe is a sick drama played with well-built action kings, what makes us watch it? I think it's very interesting as there's no other place you can see such stupid acting as to make money an fame from building up body and fix the action packed matches according to a ill-written script. And where else can u listen to such a foolish commentary? And where else can u watch hot girls fighting for the viewers' delight?? It's no where other than wwe!! WWE shines but sucks!! But i have to say I'm a fan of wwe games!!
Honestly I know that they are made believe when I was just a toddler. It is like what they are advertising; it is the big boys’ drama.

I like them because it got me excited every time I see those wrestling moves.
in my view wwe is totally fake but i am fan of wwe. i never miss its any of episode. i just wanna say that when we see a movie we always know that it is fake, there is no hero in real world who can fly or get alive after its death but we still watch movies then why not wwe?

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