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What's the best 2FA device, supporting google 2fa to buy?



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This looks like a unusual question, but I'm afraid of if my phone get lost or damaged then I will not have access to several wallets etc. any longer.

For that reason I was wondering what device I could possibly buy to use for the same purpose. I only use Googles 2FA App which I downloadet.

Any advise would be appreciated.


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You can set up 2FA on multiple phones/devices. Whenever you scan one of those QR codes, you can do so on multiple phones at the same time.

If you have a spare phone, use that, or just go buy any decent phone that's one or two generations old.

Setup 2FA again on all your accounts on both phones (or even more phones).

You can keep one of the phones in a bank vault or other trusted location, away from your residence, in case of fire/accident/break-in.


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Where can I learn about how to setup the same codes on two devices?

Thanks for the info.


fuck google auth. also fuck google entirely lol
A phone stopped working and when I realised google backups were overwritten/not working I was nearly totally fucked.
They where the most miserable days of my life being locked out of pretty much anywhere. It took a good while and a lot of luck to recover access to everything.

on android I now use andOTP, opensource, offline encrypted backups, no uploads to any server, basic permissions only etc.
a bit more complicated than the online automatic solutions, but I like to keep my privacy :)
and I repeat Google is evil in my book.


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Thanks for all the information. Isn't there any hardware device that could work well for all this, something similar to a Ledger nano S just only for 2FA ?


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Get a Fido u2f key.

You can also use a Ledger Nano X as a Fido u2f key if you install the app on it, Remember to always have two keys so you have if the others get lost then you aren't screwed.


When you setup a 2FA on a website you can backup the seed/code they give you somewhere else or on paper and reuse that code any time in the future, this is your backup.
pretty sure yubikey allows to store google auth seeds, probably many others devices like it.

Whatever device you use, you should always keep a backup of the seed exactly like a crypto hardware wallet.


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+1 for Authy, it syncs accounts on ALL your devices including desktop.
There's a security trade-off. While it's more convenient, it also means ALL your devices are at risk of exposing your 2FA.

I realize that if someone is that dedicated in getting your 2FA, you probably have bigger things to worry about and/or your devices are secured.

But I don't think that cross-device syncing of 2FA is inherently or exclusively a good thing.
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