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What's the best underground secret finance book you ever read not sold on amazon.

back in years it was this one:
Thomas I proportionarily agree with you... But if you don't ask you don't improve your knowledge base....

There's all sorts of things not written in books "fully"
Some things I am curious about are topics like

1) Dark Math and Applied statistics in real life.
2) Proprietary info that will not be found on the internet, universities and in libraries
3) "Pure ARB not statistical arb; Latency ARB , Regulatory ARB...
4) Manufactured spending on a variety of levels
5) Outside the ordinary box thinking of an CFA, chartered accountant, General Counsel, and /or God Mode proxy situations.....
6) Asymmetrical situations that favor me
7) Having access to a team of uniquely talented people...
8) Real Casino and sports "math exploits"
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