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Where do you set up an offshore company office?

Thanks David, so if the business is set up in Belize, it is possible to have the office in Canada or Chile? How do you have an office in Canada or Chile if the business is not registered there? Is that allowed? If you have 15 employees how are the paid etc?
It is an interesting query, I think if you are able to handle every thing on internet things would become completely simple. This is a layman's line of thought but there must be some set rules in this context. I would like to explore this issue little more.
Well, the answers here are true, and most often you are required to have a registered office address for your offshore company in order to be able to even register it.

Most offshore company formation packages include a office address which is used for the company, however, you will need to check if you also get a virtual office or if this is an additional costs or finally if they even can offer it to you.

To have an office address for your offshore company which isn't monitored, means, where your mail can't or will be forwarded to you makes really no sense, you never know if something important arrives but never will reach you.