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Where is Moneybookers Regd.Office ?

I did a little surfing about it. Moneybbokers is a British electronic payment system which is regulated by Financial Services Authority in United Kingdom.
rkbehera1 said:
The registered Head office of Moneybookers is located at United Kingdom.It is a trusted international payment processor.Perfect way of making Online business in UK.It is Controlled and regulated by financial service authority of UK.It is way behind PayPal in terms of service, safety, transaction charges
Its still in beta stage of its development in terms of reputation among trusted companies as compared to Paypal. Its safety and transaction opersation is not as transparent and flexible as Paypal that's why its not much popular.
Most of these famous payment processors like PayPal, Moneybookers etc are from trusted sources and that is the reason that they have been flourishing. Althouth I don't transact much through Moneybookers but it is a very reliable company on par with PayPal.

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