Where is their share?

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Just thinking about how many people have credit cards and are not able to pay the card bills.

Having a talk with a friend of mine who told me the credit card company told her to reduce the payment rates and get a higher credit card limit instead of helping her to solve the payment problem.

So, I am asking, where is their share? If you bring your customer into deaper debts, you should have to pay a part of the bills of him.

Do you think so?


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Basically a credit card earns by charging some extra each time you are using them. Where did you get the idea of the companies must pay part of the debt that there client has risen?


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Usually i do not get into this business. I know the bad consequences and very much aware. So i use my credit card within my limit. I use it only when i have enough cashflow. Else i will not use it.


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It is well known that credit card companies have given cards with big credit volume to customers who never would be able to pay a penny back.

If you take a look at the lawsuits against tobacco producers, they always have to pay their customers because of giving them the product that brought the health problems over their customers.

If giving somebody a product which brings this one into trouble means you have to take a share on it (Tobacco industry produces cigarettes, but they never threaten somebody to use it- still they have to pay for the sick customers).

In America many people got loans for houses and credit cards despite the facts that these people would never be able to pay for it.

If you take this the way the law takes it for the tobacco industry - bank and credit card companies would have to have the same consequence than the tobacco industry..

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