Where to buy bitcoin for cash?


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Can someone please suggest a exchange or wallet where it is possible to buy bicoins for cash?
credit card payment could work too if not possible for cash.


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You want something where you can walk in with cash in your pockets and by bitcoins right?

Alex Fr

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THis much depends on the country you have that cash in stock.
There are a lot of underground exchange services unless you want to directly work with peoples who need BTC.


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but better try find people in forums yourself .. accept a 3 % markup and you perfectly fine


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Use localbitcoins.com

Open a trade with a seller and get their contact info. Then cancel the trade and do the exchange directly once you meet up. This way you save on fees.

And bring a friend with you, you don't want to get mugged on the way home. I've read some pretty bad stories.


You're unlikely to find any buyer for modalities that do charge backs (e.g. credit card). Bisq has fiat modalities. Otherwise, localbitcoins or bitcoin-otc on freenode.

Alex Fr

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could you be more specific about this or share some link perhaps?
I don't know where are you from. You can just google for "buy bitcoin for cash" or find some webmasters forum from your country with a Finance Board and ask there.
I.e. in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia it is not a problem to buy BTC for cash and find those underground exhange services.

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