Where to get paypal VCC?

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Hi theBrain,

you are really brainy as your CCLOGIC user name is.I am also looking for such facility to verify my Paypal Account through VCC.You have withdrawn $500 from your unverified Account in a month.That's great.How can you manage to earn such huge money from Online?Do share with me.I have sent you friends request.

davidm23 said:
I can help you getting a VCC. My friend has solved the same problem with my account. If you are failing to find some other options don't hesitate to contact me. I can help you. Till the day it works fine with me.
Hello David,

Thanks that you have found a solution.The Paypal unverified issue is a major problem now for potential web earners.Now many trusted websites who are paying or hiring have made Paypal verified Account mandatory.Everybody is searching for Credit card

alternatives.I have added you.Pl.send me details.Needless to say it is because of you I am here in CCLOGIC as a senior member.
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This indeed is good. But verifying using vcc isn't legal i think. If you are caught of this action, i think you will be penalised for it. I just read this in a forum on the net someday. Even i dont have a verified pp but i dropped idea of verifying it using vcc after reading the risks of it. Is it safe u guys?


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Most of the major banks provide you with VCC options for shopping purposes. I used a similar one to get my account verified. Its an easy thing as you just have to log into online banking options in your account to find the VCC option.


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Thanks for the information andrew. Can you please let us know how much they charge for the activation of a vcc from ur bank? We can get a approximation from it. Or is it a free service like cheques and other means. Thank you.