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Which are the shipping offshore companies in india?

List Of Shipping Companies

Please log on to the above site to get details regarding shipping companies in india.Here you can not only find the details of shipping companies in India,you can find out the details of other shipping companies.

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I am not sure I understand your question entirely but there companies that fall into distinct as well as seperate catagories

1) Shipping - GESCO (Great Eastern Shipping Company), ESSAR, Varun, Maersk, Shipping Corporation of India (SCI), Seamec etc

2) Offshore Exploration and Production Companies - ONGC, Cairn Energy, Reliance Exploration and Production, Niko Resources, British Gas Exploration and Production, Oilex Australia etc

3) Drilling Companies - GESCO, Jindal Drilling, Atwood Oceanics



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1. To provide its clientele safe, reliable, efficient and economic shipping services.

2. To be an optimally profitable, viable, commercial organisation and contribute to the national economy by securing a reasonable return on capital.

3. To own or acquire through options like leasing, demise charter, joint ventures and other innovative financial measures an adequate fleet to cater to a significant portion of India`s overseas trade, particularly in items of strategic importance like crude oil and petroleum products.

4. To increasingly participate in India`s offshore and other marine activities, and to continue to explore opportunities for diversification to ensure overall and steady growth of the Company.

5. To develop internal Human Resource with a view to achieving higher productivity.

6. To initiate e-governance in the Company at the earliest covering areas such as operations, tendering and purchase through the 'SET-IT' Project.

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* Advance Transocean Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd

Advance Transocean Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd is in the business of international freight forwarding since last eight years. Over this period we have developed a tightly integrated network of sea freight, air freight and rail / road transportation facilities for our valued customers.


AFL has recently ushered in world class standards in domestic couriering for the first time in India through its latest offering, AFL WiZ.

* Aires Logistics

Aires Logistics specializes in the global shipping of Air, Sea cargo and sea cargo. Geographically we are based in Central Asia, but we operate worldwide.

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