Which EMI can allow to open an account to an Indian Company ?



Can you suggest me which EMI company or virtual banks can allow an Indian company to open an account with them?

This EMI should have international funds sending and receiving options from any country. and also if they have Debit card option available that will be good.

Please suggest me some names and if you could guide me a little with the procedure.



I don't believe there is any EMI that will allow that. You will have to setup something for instant in the UK or where it may be cheap and easy to register a company.
Thank you for the information, Is this easy to get EMI account on UK company ?


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Yes, it is easy to setup an EMI for a UK company. As far as I have seen until we speak now it has been very cheap and easy to setup a UK company too, even with bad quality fake docs. However, in your case I would setup a UK company with real docs, pay the $100 in total (or less) it cost to setup the corp. wait 48 hours to get your incorporation docs and move forward to the EMI i.e. revolut, mister tango or similar.

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