Which hosting provider would you rather choose? Why?

Discussion in 'Hosting Offshore' started by Deepbreathe, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Deepbreathe

    Deepbreathe Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I need help. Want to order wordpress hosting account:
    15 GB - HD, 500 GB - Bandwidth, Linux
    Any recommendations?
    One of my friends recommend me to try These Hosts:
    - Mechanicweb.com
    - Dreamhost.com
    - Dailyrazor.com
    I like hosting solutions cos they offer such an opportunity.
    Are they reliable? Which hosting provider would you rather choose? Why?
  2. kwizin

    kwizin Active Member

    Use services from hostround.com and hosting.uk as their services are Wordpress-friendly.
    The support system is very fast, polite, well-informed.
    Prices are competitive.
  3. Machisko

    Machisko Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I would like to mention that mechanicweb.com is well-known web hosting provider. They offer 45-day money back guarantee.
    The combination of quality and cheapness makes them attractive for the greater part of the web masters.
  4. JustinF

    JustinF Active Member

    Yourlasthost.com and libertyvps.net plans are full-featured and they can be suitable for all your needs.
    Their support is wonderful. Real people help in real time help kindly with issues big and small.
  5. Grownup

    Grownup Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I have been very pleased with Mechanicweb.com as my web host! The service is reliable and I have found their support to be excellent.
    I greatly appreciate their efforts and look forward to continued business with your web host.
  6. Lakmis

    Lakmis Well-Known Member

    It seems to me hostingsource.com and yourlasthost.com companies can be suitable for you.
    Great hosts. Whenever you run into a problem with your website, the technical support team is very knowledgeable and promptly helps you to resolve any problems that your website experienced.
  7. Brunoweb

    Brunoweb Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I like Mechanicweb.com customer support service, it is professional in all the ways.
    They stayed with me till my setup was complete and went out of their way with phone support even as their shift was ending this morning to make sure I was able to access my files.
  8. Stein

    Stein Member

    I think the more companies you will check the better choice you will make.
    I would recommend you checking qhoster.com. They are pretty good company and have a lot of locations and payment options.
  9. Adulthood

    Adulthood Building Trust Entrepreneur

    It seems to me that Serversbase.com web hosting solutions will be the best solution for your needs.
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