which law applies for server in country x and company in country y

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    I'm working on establishing an offshore company in country Y, but want to host my website in country X.

    The problem here is, is that my business is considered to be 'grey' with several domains taken down and CC payments blocked. This is however only possible because several domain name registrars and CC providers are WILLING to cooperate, not because they are made to.

    So I searched for a county that allows me, by law, to conduct business the way in intent to do. However, hosting my website in said country is difficult so I want to host my website somewhere else. Does somebody knows which jurisdiction applies to the content of the website? Is it the country I host my website with or the country I incorporate my company in?
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    Or the countrie(s) that you are targetting (audience). All 3 are possible.

    Simplest solution: use CloudFlare. They are a CDN and are exempted from liability for content (of customers). It will hide the location of your server/website.
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    Cloudflare was on my list, but not as a CDN. Thanks I will look into it, answer is much appreciated.