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Which niche site to create?


Offshore Agent
Apr 15, 2009
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I’m thinking of creating a site but I don’t know which one I should create first. The first one ahs something to do with sports and the other niche is about health. Which do you think should be more profitable?
SiddFisher said:
Health sites will have a much higher earning potential than the sports site.......there isn't much you can sell online in sports can you??
Nothing to sell on sports?

You could sell a lot of product on any niche you would like. The easiest way is to be an affiliate of Amazon or EBay.
Mockingbird said:
why not create both sites? I think that the health may do better but you will have limitations with your advertising. The sports site will give you a better demographic and subject stream
I am going to create both site but I am asking on what I should do first. I couldn’t develop them on the same time. It is just too hard to do SEO for both sites without the money.