WHICH payment provider accepts CBD flowers shops


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We are a swiss based Cannabis producer and sell our flowers globally, everything we do is fully legal and according to the law but there are no providers we know that want to get involved with Cannabis.
We heard about Ipaytotal but they look to us like scammers so we look for a good partner which allows us to offer CC in our shop for our customers.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.
ahah, great question)). Actually, it seems to me that no one will accept payment for the purchase of CBD. I just love smoking CBD and I can’t get rid of this habit for more than 2 years. I tried a variety of methods, but I still feel attracted. I even bought vaping juice with a high content of CBD and it really relaxes. I smoke normal vape, but after a few puffs, I feel the effect of heroin. I love my life))) By the way, try to make a payment online through a mastercard.
are you looking for payment gateway too ?


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The only payment provider you will find for this business is either if your local bank in the Netherland will help you or all the high risk payment processors which most often turn into a SCAM and will take a run with your money.

You may check your current competition and what payment processors they are using, most often in this industry they write some smallprint below the checkout page, this will be charge as XXXXXX and the payment processors name.

Last stop with less than 1% chances would be to ask Durango Merchant service if they know of any processor that can be of help.

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