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Who will be the number 1 after Federer?


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Sep 17, 2009
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The royalty of Federer can resist for a lot of time (also another 3 years, I think) but who could be the new name of tennis to take his place at number 1 in the future? Too easy to tell Nadal. If Nadal is in good physical conditions, he can make a lot of points on clay and enough on hard court to be number 1. But other young tennis players to watch are Tomas Berdych from Czech Republic and Novak Djokovic from Serbia (strong on all surfaces!). And do not forget French Monfils and argentine Del Potro (but only on clay court for now). What do you think?
now after finals, it is very clear that not only nadal but also potro can beat him...this time it was us open final...oh i am so sad for fedrer. i like his game very much. from the game i conclude that he was not in proper form
I feel Nadal is here to stay. And he is still very young and so he have a long way still to go. He have won more grand slams than Federer at 23 years of age.

I am a fan of Nadal. hope he won more majors to come..
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I would be betting on Nadal. Nadal seems to be the best competitor for the first place so far. Further his actions and skills are quite on par with Federer although not entirely like him and he is most likely to take his place in world tennis.

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