Why darks and fake setups can only be discussed in Mentor Group?

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  1. undercover

    undercover Offshore Agent Mentor Group Entrepreneur


    Don't take it up as I want to annoy you. But why is it only possible to post about fake and dark's offshore company and banking setups in the Mentor Group forums?

    What is the different if it is discussed public or in a closed area of this forum?
  2. Samuel Newman

    Samuel Newman Offshore Desk expert Mentor Group Business Angel

    maybe because it is illegal? :)
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  3. diablo

    diablo Banned User Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    Well illegal yes, but also because it close the doors for it to work! It get's much faster saturated if it was public to all.
  4. David97255

    David97255 Banned User Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    Agree with DIABLO, the illegal side less important :)
  5. negon

    negon hannibal the cannibal Mentor Group Business Angel

    If people get allowed to discuss it all in the public forums things stop working faster then they get published here! Have seen this a few times last year and the year before. It's good they keep it closed behind the paid forums it keeps the free loaders away.
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  6. blueweb

    blueweb Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    because noobs and stupid fagots should not have access to such content. It's for the more freaky part of users from this forum. Also we have a lot of wise people here running legit consultancy business and who keeps strict to the law, it would look bad if it got mixed up with the dark side of the world.

    Signup for the Mentor Group and be happy if you are curious about all of this. I have been a happy member of this group for a long time dead:-!
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