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Why should you change Paypal Password frequently?


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Sep 15, 2009
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I am an active member of several forums.I know many of my online friends have lost their hard earned Online money due to their own mistake.Their Paypal accounts are hacked.It is only because of not changing Paypal password frequently.After every major transaction in your paypal,you should logout.Then after one hour log in again and change your password.Finally logout once again and clear your cookies and temporary internet files. Start your PC and do your online jobs as usual.
hacking of paypal a/c

It is true that frequently it is learnt that paypal a/c is being hacked in fraudulent manner. It is also sure that paypal is very trusted and secured a/c but due to a/c holders negligence and carelessness there is every possibility of hacking. I have seen so many persons who are having paypal a/c they are surfing their account through cybercafe which is very unsafe and risky. To have safe & secure account after log in and transaction always log out properly. Do not log in your paypal account through cyber cafe . Always change your password.