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Why some people are against the democracy ?

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so who (or what) does everyone think sits on the throne of this world? What group faction etc whatever is at the very very top of the pyramid? Some ultra exclusive secret society? Nephilim? Some royal bloodline? Caesars heirs? Something non-human?

Maybe tax strategists have interesting ideas on that.
Very easy to answer: US deep state, senate and lobbies (those behind the senators).

As for Soros, it seems quite obvious that an illegal trend like the african migration into Europe that requires massive amount of money and logistics cannot be put up, let alone endured, without the green light of the US. Even the money come from there (or from the Saudis, basically US safe deposit box, who paid for the last of the US wars in the region, btw).
Ask yourself also why no media has ever had a coverage on where all the money behind this comes from, who's behind all this etc.
No private society without the green light of the USA and its deep state and secret service could manage that. Look at panama papers: they popped open like nothing. On this: radio silence.
How easy would it even be to go interview some of the migrants and expose what's behind this? But nothing, 0, nada. I remember reading half of an interview of a northern-african muslim terrorist arrested in the very early 2000, promising that the worst was just about to start (so true). After that, 0 intel on the causes.

So the actual question is not who but why. Again, frankly speaking, easy explanations are the most plausible. And 20 years after the beginning, and after having been able to see the effect of this strategy, it's easy to guess.

The trend started very early 2000, right after introduction of EUR, right when Europe was rising and trying to unite even more.
Now ask yourself: why would the US be happy about a strong and united Europe, a homogeneous european society and a strong economy and currency (EUR) that, back then, some even started to hypothesize could take USDs place in many kinds of transactions? Especially when they themselves, example of cultural integration, are a fucked up society where they ended up killing each other at home?
Fear of loss of power has triggered the libyan war for much less

That's by the way the same reason US finally realized the threat is now China, that is large, powerful, homogeneous or actively and effectively treating separatists. And we see the amount of aggression they can't even publicly hide to try to contain such a geopolitical opponent. As China is not (yet) backing off, we can easily expect further public escalation of hostility over there.

And that's the same reason their main goal is always to "export democracy" everywhere.


the world wouldn't be organized unless there was a ruling hand behind it. it would be chaos. the fact that everything's extremely well organized and follows a clear design means there's designers who designed it.

Conspiracies are as common as morning rush-hour traffic. As common as coca cola. A conspiracy is just 2 or more people plotting something. They happen constantly all over the world, daily, in big and small ways.

The idea that it's ridiculous to believe in conspiracies... is ridiculous. They are as common as can be.

Every person i know in my life has lied to me on occasion. I find it funny some people cannot grasp the idea that the people on the tv, the news and politicians, are also lying.

Who doesn't lie? Why would anyone think the most powerful people in the world don't lie?

How did they become so powerful? By lying. They are the masters of the art beyond compare.


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I find it funny some people cannot grasp the idea that the people on the tv, the news and politicians, are also lying.
O, they do lie, a lot. It's their job actually, ratings above actions.
The funny thing is that a lot of people believe that world is ruled by some clique of uber-smart shady people/lizards/aliens (name yours) instead of realising that people in power are as incompetent as people voting for them.

You don't need to go far - just look at some shenanigans lead by monarchs in the age of absolute monarchy. Millions died because some George had a bad mood or some Lui spent too much on favourites and castles.

The world doesn't go completely mad because most of events can not be started by a single person, there is a great chance that somewhere in the execution chain a reasonable person will ask about legitimacy/purpose/consequences of given order and maybe postpone/report or even sabotage it. So yes, you can have a crazy president. Yet until there are ordinary government people doing their job properly - the world will go on. No lizards needed.


Hanlon's razor - in the first place there is no reason to look for conspiracy where stupidity (and opportunism and greed) is a straightforward explanation
"We are terrible at seeing power. Or in other words: power is great at not being seen."

read the whole thing:


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check this out
then google who the guy is (note: his real affiliation from the old days won't be easy to pull out of google right away. He says "we in the intelligence", he was one of the directors at CIA during the nixon/kissinger era)
The State, like the Church in the past, controls the capital with coercition, and information with myths.

In others words : democracy is just a religion full of myths, giving our capital to politicians.

You believe in democracy and you argue for it ? So read this book (translated into 20 languages), it will destroys all the myths that used to brainwash you.

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I add another thing : you are here because you want more freedom for having more wealth, but there is no full freedom/wealth if someone controls your freedom/mind. That why rich/successful people can refuse democracy, because it's create a lack of freedom/wealth for them.

Now I'm free to think without any state moral control, and free to do what I want with my not stolen wealth.
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People who are against democracy are morons:

Studies investigating the latter topic generally reveal lower cognitive ability to be associated with stronger endorsement of right–wing ideological attitudes and greater prejudice.
People who are against democracy are morons:

Can you explain why I'm a moron with this off topic meta-analyses ? I just read the abstract, they talk about right-wing which doesn't include libertarian, minarchist or anarcho-capitalist movements most likely to be against democracy.

Try to search "iq correlation liberal religion" on Google, you can easily see studies that demonstrate that high IQ and liberals ideas are correlated, in politic and religion.

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Studies investigating the latter topic generally reveal lower cognitive ability to be associated with stronger endorsement of right–wing ideological attitudes and greater prejudice.
It sounds as if the authors suffer from extreme bias. In the U.S., people from the "right-wing" are the exact people who vote for those candidates who uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Republic. The left-wing voters are the totalitarians who wish to tear down the constitutional system.

From what I understand, the left wing socialists in most European countries are the problem there, especially with regard to unbridled immigration and changing the very essence of the ancient European cultures.
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