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Why, why, why do people constantly do this?


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Jan 5, 2009
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I really wish there was a rule against people asking how to get their PayPal verified when they're not supposed to in the first place. Why? Because either way you're going to end up getting in trouble. I'm sorry you live in a poor developing country and want to get a VB board or pay for webhosting, but I'm tired of seeing people getting victimized by the idiots who constantly live on using other people's identities.

Do you not realize that the banks send out letters to these people thanking them for opening an account or whenever they go in the negative? Do you realize that if someone reports you, you're going to be sending the wrong person to jail because people will use the address associated with your PayPal account? It's not like those methods are generating fake addresses and names, they're actually real people with real houses.

If you make any sort of payment/donation to someone using payment/donation, you are in risk of revealing your information. This guy gave me $50 so I'd probably stop trying to get money off of him, and they left their fake shipping address. The other day I decided to look it up in my investigation and well, what do you know, it had a phone number attached to it. With that number, I then did a search and found the guy who he stole his identity from. He's now contacting PayPal to get this guy's account shut down.

I guess what I have to say is that the FBI can always ask for DP's database, which includes all your private messages. People who give out ways to get past the system will always be in the same position as the people asking for them. I believe that DP need to give infractions or ban people who get involved in these schemes. I'm sorry if you're innocent and are just trying to get some money, but remember WHOIS and how anyone can get ahold of it.

I've learnt my lesson and might be at the point where I'll just be deleting my PayPal account pretty soon. Please be careful out there, always check the addresses of the people you're getting payments from. If they're from another country and using a US address, immediately report it to PayPal. You don't have to say anything to the buyer immediately unless they do a chargeback. Always try and do a search and see if you can find the real person online, you'll be helping them more than you think.
Hey bizman, calm down, I don't think anyone wants to hurt you, people just have problems to get verified while they are living in a country where personal rights are not existens.
I guess they have difficults to become verified and play by the rules, that easy....
Hey the forums and different blogs are on the Internet because people want to discuss what ever they like, if they choice a board instead the source then it is each individuals problem! Just my 2cents
Which verified do you mean?

To be verified by Paypal in Europe is another thing than to be verified in the US by Paypal.

By the way, does somebody really believe a verified account at Paypal is secure?
I do not believe it is secure or at least more secure, however I think it isn't difficult for anyone to get a verified account if they not live in any 3rd country.
I agree with you. We have to be extra careful with our PayPal accounts. I had the same problem before but luckily one of my friend informed me to contact PayPal in the end the buyer turned out to be a scammer. Once you know about all this bad stuffs then we won't make the mistake again. It is normal to make mistake and there is nothing wrong in using PayPal again.

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