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Windows 7 will ship without IE in Europe

What browser WILL it have? I mean...

you buy a computer.

you want to get online with it.

ruh roh, no browser?

..ohh..gotta install the IE from the windows disc to get online to get another browser?

Maybe I'm dumb, but I don't get it.
May be the windows automatic upload feature will call microsoft itself and set up the IE as first step.

After all Mozilla firefox is the better browser. I have IE only for the update function on my computer.
This would kind a make it worst. No browser; then it means that you need to install if from a CD or true like Wildy has said through the automatic update which is more annoying, Instead of using it directly you still have to do some steps before getting online
The problem is that you cannot get the IE really down from your computer once it was installed.

And the European law does not allow a company to restrict the users of one of their products in any program limitations.

All you have to do is get the browser of your choice on a CD and put it on the new computer- where is the problem?

By the way most routers for broadband net connections have an included browser, which brings you on the net so you would be able to get the browser, you want. Do US routers not have this feature? European have it.

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