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With the presence of biggies is their any market for new websites?

You will need to make some good blog website which is informative and interesting for readers, if you provide or write about an topic which is of interest for many peoples around, you will suceed, if you just make a copy cat you will fail.

There is always a place for a good project :)

Blogging is one way of making money on the net that people can’t understand. Starting out is not that easy and for you to make more money, you will need to work hard. However, there is no need for you to worry since you don’t need to take any chances. All you need to do to be successful blogger is to use the already tried and tested methods. You should not think of starting a blog because you will create one that makes money and attracts more traffic. You will need to learn the tricks form experts for you to have more returns from your blogging carrier.
Instead of taking on the big boys head on, why not find out what their missing and fill in the hole? That's what niche marketing is all about and from what I understand, people make money that way.
You are right. However you cannot expect a lot when you are just starting a site. Instead of trying to collide with the big ones make yourself a reputable small business with loyal customers and then you will grow from leaps to bounds.
The truth is that you have to have a lot of money to be able to take on the big companies (amazon, play etc. in England) at their own game. You could have some success in a more niche area, but then the large sites are somewhat catering for that anyway now.
If you are able to offer a special service or products to a niche market then there could be success for your new site. If you are just planning to launch a general retail site then it could be a lot more difficult.
Its important to write genuine, honest, insightful and original content on your blog to gain a critical mass of readers. Social networking sites are also a good way to promote your blog.
I agree that niche mareting is the only way to go. When I started selling, I tried to be everything to everyone, but now that I have whittled it down and whittled some more, my sales have slightly increased, which I am happy with since the economy is in the toilet.

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