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Would You Have A Computer Chip Planted in Your Brain?


Offshore Agent
Sep 15, 2009
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Computer scientists are saying that by 2035, BCI (Brain Computer Interface) will be rolled out, en masse, to the public.

They're speaking about computer chips implanted into the brain to increase its capacity, to allow us to locate a memory by choosing from lists, to enhance the senses, and even to allow us to link in with one anothers thoughts by means of radio transmissions.

It would also act as identification for people, likened to "a registration plate on a car".

I think this is a really cool technology that they're developing, in theory, but I think in practice, it's really pretty scary, and there's no way they'd put a chip in my brain unless it was to help with some kind of disability.

What do you think? Would you be happy to be computer enhanced?