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Hey, I saw your post on a thread I started. Can you please DM me so that we can talk about acquirers? Thanks
Are you still happy with your Seychelles Foundation? I am thinking about setting one up for myself to hold investments.
Hi Ged, can you provide an email where I can contact you? thanks for answering my post. I a tax and offshore expert able to help me structure my business. I am able to pay a fee for this.

Please let me know how to contact you privately.

Hi, Can you tell me how you bought bitcoins from Colombia? How did you open a bank account there and how did you transfer your funds to Colombia? Do they have any restrictions?
Hello Gediminas,

I just posted a thread, I might need your help can you go over and read it and then we can email for your further advice

Hi! I could not send a message in the form of feedback - could you write me in pm? I have proposal for cooperation.
Hello! Do you have any advice as for what to do? (I created a thread days ago.) Anything would be very much appreciated. I'm blind.
upgrade your account to mentor group and we can have a private chat or you can post inside there to get better answers.
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