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I want to let you know that based on your signature you are advertising, is not a trust worthy vendor to deal with. Took money, gave 7 days time frame and 1 month passed with no information from them/stop responding to emails. If you have suggestions or can help, please let me know who i can contact.
Hello, I found your post about buying the property in Spain. How did it go? I would like to do the same. Would you be willing to talk about it? :)
Hi - I received one quote so far regarding a Seychelles corp. Feel free to email me a joepearson at to compare findings.
Hey, I happen to run into your profile and I think I might have couple questions to ask regarding a matter. Can you please provide me your skype or telegram username where we can chat?

Im looking for a fully anonymous bank account. My customers should be able to deposit online via credit card (stripe, 2checkout or similar) for this I need a bank account that does not run on my name and as cheap as possible. Can you offer me a ready made bank account? can also be EMI. I dont have a company.

Thank you!
Hello khan
I would like to sell software online. The customers should be pay online via credit card. Do you have a ready made company and bank account? So I can connect the bank account with a provider like stripe or 2checkout. Please write me a mail. Should be anonym.
Did you found a solution for iptv? Could you open a offshore company with bank account? With who did you worked?
Hey Kanakke
Kannst du mich mal kontaktieren? Wäre froh um einen Erfahrungsaustausch deinerseits (wo die Offshore Firma gründen, welcher zuverlässiger Anbieter, inwiefern Darks helfen etc. Bräuchte volle anonymität.) Danke dir.
yes if we can take it in English I would appreciate it. Don't understand German that well.
Hi there, I noticed a post of yours on Caye bank. How is it fairing for you atm? have u managed to push thru your outgoing wires?
Hi, my paypal account got limited and it had a good amount of money. It won't let me get it back, please help. I can give you some of the money if I get it back.
Hi Tasgall Wallace, can you give me the contact for ELTOMA you were in touch with when registering your Seychelles company? Many thanks. NVO
I have seen that you closed a forum on Société Bancaire et Fiduciaire Privée Bank. A client of mine has been scammed. In few days I will have the investigation ready and I will publish an article. Would be interesting for the people that where investigating.
Next time use the contact form! Try publish it and let's see what it is so I can make a decission.