Offshore company only accepting bitcoins does it work?

Discussion in 'Offshore Business Discussion' started by I'mRobot, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. I'mRobot

    I'mRobot Offshore Agent Investor

    In my research to enter into some ultra high risk business which will attract people you can't trust at all, I want to secure my money somehow! I was wondering if accepting bitcoins is 100% chargeback secured?

    Would it be safe to only accept BitCoins if you know that the person on the other end is a criminal or he try to scam you one way or another? I mean once the transaction is executed will he be able at any point to get his money back?

    Can he sue the offshore company itself? I mean write to the registry or do something that will reveal the information of beneficial ownership of the offshore company say in the Seychelles or Belize?
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  2. uplana

    uplana Corporate Services Trusted Member

    It can work but the questions is why would you like to do business with these people?

    It is as far as I know not possible to make any chargeback with BitCoins it is similar to a Wire Transfer where the transaction is final once it is send!
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  3. I'mRobot

    I'mRobot Offshore Agent Investor

    From what I read the bitcoin payment is final, that's good :)

    Does someone know what happen with the offshore company in such case they can't get the money can they force the company to be closed you think?
  4. cutmetwo

    cutmetwo Investor Investor

    I signed up for an business account with Advance Cash seems all get verified. Will report back here once all is done. If it works I will have a Bitcoin wallet and options to receive wire transfer for third party, that's all I need. Including the MasterCard debit card it's awesome :)
  5. maxmoney

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    I have setup a offshore company in the Seychelles which only has a digital currency account and debit card. It's awesome and trouble free. The best thing I have done ever.
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  6. cutmetwo

    cutmetwo Investor Investor

    Update. Got my business account with advance cash all good I'm happy and a satisfied customer!
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  7. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Trusted Member Mentor Group Sponsor

    great to hear and congrats! They are a great company to work with for this purpose!
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  8. I'mRobot

    I'mRobot Offshore Agent Investor

    Is anyone able to help me with my question? I already know about the wallets that's awesome but I need to know if they can take my offshore company ??
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  9. goldmann

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    What can I buy with BitCoin and why would I do as you asked @I'mRobot ?