Syechelles company + Cyprus bank account refused

Discussion in 'Cyprus Bank Accounts' started by yuseff, Jan 10, 2017 at 8:02 PM.

  1. yuseff

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    I had registered a seychelles company with pkcy.com

    i got to know that

    Piraeus Bank has refused to open my bank account.

    Supposedly my name matches someone in WorldCheck database .. i have no criminal record...

    Can anyone assist me...
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  2. Have you received the reason for refusal or nothing?
  3. Admin

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    You typically don't get the reason for the decline. However, if they declined your application and if it is because of a match in the database you can forget about the account opening at any bank, most banks worldwide has implemented the worldcheck database as part of their DD / KYC procedures!
  4. CoinMaster

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    What is this worldcheck database? does all banks have access to it you think?
  5. maxmoney

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    What are you going to do now? Can't you just signup with service like LeuPay or WorldCore?