Will Cyprus Incorporation Be Right for Your Needs?

Discussion in 'Offshore Company & Bank Account Guides' started by Admin, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. CoinMaster

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    For company formation and merchant account it looks and read to me to be the perfect setup in Europe! Privacy sucks in all entities when you don't use @auric services to creat both.
  2. Admin

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    Well you can still protect your privacy when using nominees for a Cyprus company!
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  3. CoinMaster

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    How easy is that with a public registry in Cyprus? Will my name not appear as beneficial owner in there?
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  4. Gunter

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    Would you say that appointing foreign nominees will protect your privacy in the Cyprus company? I consider to register a Seychelles holding to won the shares in a new Cyprus company and appoint a nominee I have found to be director. He does not even know he will be director of this :D
  5. JohnK

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    How do you rate Cyprus company formation for online business? I don't mean privacy vise but just for business?