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  1. bastard

    What is the best bitcoin wallet - hardware or software?

    For a long time I have used the blockchain.com wallet but now I am looking for alternatives, it would be nice if you could name some of the really good ones or just the one that is your favorite?
  2. bastard

    Offshore bank accounts who can work with Paypal

    Sorry, I know this is a very old topic and it may have been resolved already! :eek: However, does someone know if it is possible to transfer money from PayPal into an offshore bank account, say in Georgia, Caribbean account or other places not within the EU, UK or USA?
  3. bastard

    Someone knows WorldRemit?

    I just fall over this service International Money Transfers - Send Money Online in Google and was wondering if someone know about this service and if it is reliable? For me it looks like just another EMI but they can transfer money in 50 currencies as they advertise which make it a little...
  4. bastard

    What is the best place to buy Gold in the UK and USA?

    I would like to get some names of real stores where you can go in as a person and buy, let's say, 50 Gr Gold Bars for cash or on cards, anyone have bids? Does this apply to businesses in the UK but also to the USA closer to the Florida / Miami area?
  5. bastard

    How to make money by investing in Gold?

    I wonder how it is possible to make money investing in Gold, seriously a lot of money, does anyone know anything that can help me a bit along the way maybe?
  6. bastard

    Amald Merchant Service - Anyone worked with them? Reviews?

    Does someone believe @Daniel Hill is a true customer of Amald Merchant Service or is he part of the company?
  7. bastard

    Plan retirement (&reduce tax burden)

    What you guys say is that it is impossible to reduce the tax burden unless you move abroad is that correct? I considered to move to the UAE and researched my options, but at the end of the day it wasn't all about taxes and money it was also a question about if I really want to live there! It is...
  8. bastard

    icard.com after Leopay

    it is one big scam operation it looks, I don't think that it make sense to look further into them unless you are up to loose your hard earned money :(
  9. bastard


    I just thought it was something we could grap, but it is already renewed. You should not have posted it here :) That said, does some know if they are in business again or plan to get online soon?
  10. bastard

    Mentor Group for anonymity!

    I can almost only say the same thing as has already been said here in the thread. Mentor Group Gold is unique if you want an anonymous setup or if you really want to learn something about what OffshoreCorpTalk is all about. In addition to this, there is a much higher credibility in trading with...
  11. bastard

    Premium Advertising Partner WE CAN HELP to open bank account for your high-risk industry business or build the whole corporate structure

    Awesome review @Centurion81 - it is what we need on this forum, service providers that actually deliver! I know you are engaged in Bankera Mr Gediminas, do you have any ide what the costs is to open an account there?
  12. bastard

    New to offshore company, need setup without passport!

    Mentor Group Gold is still the place where such things should be discussed. I know that so many service providers are reading the public forums, only a fraction will join the mentor group, so what secrets we discuss there will last longer. Every day I see new hints about total secrecy and...
  13. bastard

    How comes, Kraken takes 10 times longer than AdvCash to clear!!

    after 16 hours it went thru:mad: this is totally unacceptable,yes it was confirmed on the blockchain network it is something in the kraken system.
  14. bastard

    How comes, Kraken takes 10 times longer than AdvCash to clear!!

    another 3 hours and the transaction is still pending confirm. kraken turns to be a very crappy service, why would someone want to wait 7 - 10 hours for a simple btc to btc transaction to clear!!
  15. bastard

    How comes, Kraken takes 10 times longer than AdvCash to clear!!

    I made a transfer from BTC wallet to KRAKEN it is still pending approval after 4 hours!! I made a transfer from the same wallet to AdvCash and it cleared with 6 confirmations within 30 minutes? What the heck is kraken doing, why do they delay the transfer?
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