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  • I was thinking of incorporating LLC in new mexico since there are no annual reporting requirements and I don't need to pay their franchise tax since I won't be liable for federal tax.So why does startfleet say Wyoming is better state ? do you get EIN faster ? Or getting bank account is easier? What are potential drawbacks of new mexico LLC?
    Hello , can you dms me if you helps to set up a usa llc for a non resident foreigner base in uae
    Can you procure the EIN number for an NRA with an already created single member WY LLC? I have the SS4 already filled in, although it may not be 100% correct.
    Can I signup with a bank account or financial account with that nominee without revealing our identity? Or dangerous or inefficient? My forex broker asks for signed documents about the application ducuments. What can be done about that? In the submission process, broker asks for signature. How will we do that while maintaining anonymity of myself? And the name must be the same in the bank account I signed up with. What can I do and how much does it cost? Please pm me.
    Hi, I was referred to you in regards to setting up US LLCs for non-US residents. Is this something you have experience with?
    i know it has been some time, if you still need help, let me know
    I have been struggling to create bank account being a non US resident.
    My business heavily relies on paypal. I see you do provide company formation services. Could you please DM me as I a new member I cannot DM you. I will explain my entire business to you.
    Do you have an experience in setting up Shopify Payments for a UK LTD with a non-UK director?
    They require a physical bank + proof of address and operations.
    Sorry, we can only help with shopify payments for US LLC with a non-us resident member.
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