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    How safe are Bitcoin ATMs?

    Hello dear community, How safe is Bitcoin ATM? My trading is generally only in crypto currencies and I have an income of about $50,000 every week from online business. So far I have used ATM crypto-currencies over and over again and have also received $1000 several times. The limit for such...
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    ATM withdrawal information processing

    If a person who is resident of country X uses a debit card to withdraw large amounts in country X from his or her offshore account, will country X somehow get this info? Let us say the person uses bank ATMs of 3 banks to withdraw this money. These bank ATMs obviously see this information that...
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    PayPal business + card

    Hi, im not shure it i´m in the correct sub-forum but lets go. Im looking for a way to get a paypal business verified account to receive payments at my website WITHOUT creating a company. What documents will i need to have to verify the account? ID Card? Proof of residence? also link it to a...
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