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    Hi, im not shure it i´m in the correct sub-forum but lets go.

    Im looking for a way to get a paypal business verified account to receive payments at my website WITHOUT creating a company.

    What documents will i need to have to verify the account? ID Card? Proof of residence? also link it to a card or bank account? (most of payments are received from EU, thers a limit of 2500€/year in unverified accounts i think)

    Also i will need an easy way to use the paypal money appart from buying using that paypal account, i`m interested in a prepaid card to buy online, at shops, use in ATMs... Is there a card that can be reloaded directly from a paypal account? or will i have to open an account in a EMI like leupay? (all of this with darks)

    Optional: have a skrill business account to receive payments too. (to have a 2nd payment way if paypal fails)

    how can i get al the "fake" documentation i will need?

    Thanks for your help and suggestions