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  1. A

    Business travels during the pandemic

    Hi guys, I have got a specific question for you. If you are the only owner of a company or corporation, which is incorporated abroad (e.g., US, UK, other countries), is there some kind of relief to enter during this pandemic era? I am referring to business travels only. Thank you for your...
  2. J

    Non official business money

    Let’s say I earn 50.000$ from a non official business like something I do in my free time could be anything. And I would like to deposit that money into the bank with low tax how would you do that?
  3. D

    Register a Company and PayPal

    We are running an online business but we do not have PayPal in our country. Most of our customers wanted to pay via PayPal. For this, we wanted to register our business in another country and open a PayPal. Now, what is the best option! Please guide me.
  4. O

    I look for business partner for Online promotion/SEO/SEM

    Hello I am looking for someone to help me promote some digital products I have, I would create the website, do the work, the payment gateway and the customer service, but I need someone to help me with the promotion. It's a very good product and the profits are very high, for you to get used...
  5. S

    Business Start-up Advice

    Hi everyone, glad to be the part of this community. I am in the process of starting an online design and art shop. As a designer, it would be mostly digital downloads and custom design posters. Already have a fulfillment print provider in the UK who is ready to do the print fulfillment. So...
  6. S

    Suppliers from Italy - Customers in Europe - Is it possible to set up the business in Singapore?

    Hi everyone, I will be launching my e-commerce business soon. It's basically like a marketplace of Italian products (including food). Customers will be mainly in Italy and other parts of EU We also plan to offer our products globally (once we find the right logistics company) My dilemma: My...
  7. anotherone

    here is how to lower the Estonian distributed profit tax from 25% to 5% legally

    Estonia has the E-residency which allows to incorporate a company from home and open a corporate business bank account from home thanks to an EMI. The vast majority of E-residency owners are non resident. So, I have found a way to legally lower distributed tax profit to 5% The distributed...
  8. K

    Please urgent advice needed - US LLC NM - FR

    Dear Forum, I really need advice here as i started to be really under pressure by time: Business : Website selling enrollment fees to sell Sports forecast/odds/advice, The website is under construction and will be in .com Customers: EU Steps : Here the troubles come, i'm a French National...
  9. B

    Lower the tax, easiest country in EU to deduct business expenses

    Hello, Old reader, new writer on the site. Having read a ton of useful information on this wonderful site I have a question for the more knowledgeable in here. Having a company in EU will allow you deduction of business expenses related to the business. Some countries will question expenses to...
  10. I

    Paypal personal and business

    Hello forum! Like 6 years ago my PayPal personal account was limited. I don't enter in the account for years. Now I want to open a uk company and attach a new PayPal business account to it. The PayPal will be used to accept payments in online store. Will they link accounts and then limit new...
  11. J

    Question for Gurus.

    Dear All, Today a rised question Does individual able to receive funds from Sanctioned company or Bank? Regards
  12. Jump123

    Immigrating to Panama

    Hi I am busy looking into Immigrating to Panama and could do with some advice. I am looking to relocate the the something known as the " Friendly Nations" visa process. I believe that it is a relatively simple process and not too costly either. While job opportunities are fairly limited and...
  13. Dude

    Need a good source that is reliable for business registration in belize

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to register my company in Belize. Can anybody provide a good reputable Belize business registering company that I can use ? Must be: 1. Cheap or reasonable price 2. Fast turn around time 3. Not scam.. I have a few company that i'm looking into currently but would also...
  14. Iem

    Jurisdictions for overseas business/bank (and a few questions)

    Hi guys, I've been reading and learning a lot here recently (thanks) and felt that it's time to pose a question regarding some situational specifics. I'm looking at setting up a new (and more efficient) business registration with bank account. I'm trying to identify the best jurisdiction(s)...
  15. sialala

    I am looking for an offshore setup

    Hello everyone, Simple question - where can I find a reliable agent or any trusted company to buy an offshore setup ? I am interested in Belize or something similar in costs. I need it for e-commerce business. Thank You for advices.
  16. M

    PayPal business + card

    Hi, im not shure it i´m in the correct sub-forum but lets go. Im looking for a way to get a paypal business verified account to receive payments at my website WITHOUT creating a company. What documents will i need to have to verify the account? ID Card? Proof of residence? also link it to a...
  17. Jump123

    Offshore Business Registration and Bank Account Set-up Referral business

    I am based in South Africa and wanted to enquire as to whether there are any people providing services in the area of setting up offshore companies and personal and business bank accounts who would be interested in putting together some sort of business referral relationship. I am based in South...
  18. Belsju

    I Need Help: how to start trading bitcoins with 500 us dollars

    I am familiar with using bitcoin wallets . Now decided to start trading bitcoins online and I have 500 us dollars to start the trade. I do not know how to go about it. I want to know the procedure to starting my own bitcoin trading and effectively. Anyone coukd help me provide info. Also will...
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