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  1. D

    Online business, web product, offshore solution

    Hi, I am a freelancer in the field of web developers, I have developed web software for (real estate companies), especially a good broker tool. I live in Republic of Moldova, I thought to open the company here, but the taxes are high. So I do not have to do that. I was thinking about offshore...
  2. M

    PayPal business + card

    Hi, im not shure it i´m in the correct sub-forum but lets go. Im looking for a way to get a paypal business verified account to receive payments at my website WITHOUT creating a company. What documents will i need to have to verify the account? ID Card? Proof of residence? also link it to a...
  3. Luigi

    Nomad Capitalist

    Searching for offshore companies on youtube you will find Andrew Henderson's videos, also called Nomad Capitalist. If you open his website he sells his service on a very hidden way, you have to fill a form, he asks mainly about how much money you have, then you can see that he sell 50 page books...
  4. arturos

    What's the best to build a new website?

    I want to know what you think is the best engine / framework to build a new website. From what I have read WordPress is the best to get started so people put a framework on top of it like DIVI, Gantry and other similar. In your experience and SEO vice what would you recommend? When I surfing...
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