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Hello everybpdy,
I'm quite new on the forum, never posted too many things.
Well, here's the deal, EU citizen from Spain
I'm studyng to launch an Adult Girl cam site. I have many doubts on how to manage the income from the web.
In a simple way I've been thinking on creating a company on Spain with not a shady name related to the "porn site" so I can have access to a normal company bank account and a normal payment processor, paying tax and all that.
But here's the doubt, what if the bank or the payment processor get to know what is the really the purpose of the business, beacuse on description I will say entertainment but maybe they do not accept this.
So I think about creating an uk ltd. But on the tax part don't know how to proceed, beacuse I'm from Spain.
I mean the income it is not illegal.
Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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You find a biller like Epoch, Verotel, CCBill or other adult biller that will accept you website, so you use a Adult friendly EMI like Payoneer was used to and from there you transfer your money to a bank account.
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