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  1. M

    Adult Girl Cam Site

    Hello everybpdy, I'm quite new on the forum, never posted too many things. Well, here's the deal, EU citizen from Spain I'm studyng to launch an Adult Girl cam site. I have many doubts on how to manage the income from the web. In a simple way I've been thinking on creating a company on Spain...
  2. H

    Offshore Incorporation for Adult Business

    Looking to incorporate offshore. We have an adult business and would like to know if it is possible to incorporate offshore, price, details, etc. thanks for any information!
  3. C

    Any European banks that allow adult business?

    Specifically advertising escort services. I know using a cover business is one way, but perhaps it's not necessary?
  4. E

    Adult dating, escorts & advertisements.

    I've crawled through all 185 hits in search for "adult business." I'm seeking some clarification and doing a bit of out-loud thinking hoping some experts can chime in and correct/add to my theories & ideas. Please bear with me, Running an adult erotic ad publisher out of the US. There are...
  5. Omolomo

    Offshore company for privacy (Adult Streaming Biz)

    Hello house, I've been a lurker here for some few weeks and I've learnt a great deal on this website. I have some few issues i'll love to sort out. I run an online adult entertainment business (Adult Streaming) and unfortunately for me it's totally illegal here in my country (Nigeria). I would...
  6. T

    Need a Payment Solution -Starting "Adult" Business

    Hello everyone, I'm going into business for myself, within the Adult sector. Basically, I'm selling my used items (briefs etc...) and I need a payment processor + anonymity (anonymity from clients). Was thinking about: Leupay (looks good because of the bank account but I've seen mixed...
  7. E

    Escorts directory allowed for Cyprus company?

    I tried to create a company in Malta, but the agents would not handle me when they learned that my business is an escort directory. It is not only the agents but it is the law of the country that forbids this (and adult website in general). So, how would this work in Cyprus? Am I allowed to...
  8. C

    Any bank that will allow adult dating?

    So I have company in Cyprus and a bank account as well there wich is kind of useless for my business as I cant openly use it for my adult business and I trying find options . So anyone know a bank that would be ok with this business? It wont work with the different card company as they wont...
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