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Discussion in 'Identified as Spammer or SCAMMER' started by Luigi, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Luigi

    Luigi Active Member Entrepreneur

    Searching for offshore companies on youtube you will find Andrew Henderson's videos, also called Nomad Capitalist. If you open his website he sells his service on a very hidden way, you have to fill a form, he asks mainly about how much money you have, then you can see that he sell 50 page books for 250 USD. Has anyone used his service or bought any of his books?
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  2. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    Do you have any link to the video? I have not used his service.

    Below are a great list of books about all of this, from authors that don't have a commercial interest which I believe is more trust worthy :)
    Behind the corporate veil [electronic resource]
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  3. cutmetwo

    cutmetwo Active Member Entrepreneur

    OP you posted under SCAM but you don't know if it is?

    @auric the link is to a book from 2001 nai¤%
  4. Luigi

    Luigi Active Member Entrepreneur

    I posted that on scam as I'm trying to realize if he is a scammer or nor.

    No, I don't know if he is or not, that's what I'm trying to verify.
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  5. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    Sorry for that.. I see it now when accessing the forum from a VPS.. when I opened it locally Google showed me a lot of OECD relevant books from 2016 / 2017 :D
  6. cutler

    cutler New Member

    I haven't used Andrew's services myself, but I've talked to a few people who have. In general they haven't been very happy, generally saying that their services are overpriced and that they are slow to respond and a bit disorganized. But it might just be that those people got unlucky. Personally I would probably find someone else.
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  7. Flycatcher

    Flycatcher Member Entrepreneur

    Along with other sites I've read Nomad Capitalist for many months. I've not been convinced by Andrew, the sales seem pushy. I could imagine this to be a case of great marketing but I don't really know if the products are that good.
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  8. NickNack

    NickNack Active Member Entrepreneur

    My associate purchased the book. A lot of old news a banks that no longer work as they once did, as well as crap jurisdictions.
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  9. madskulls

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    Sites like Nomad Capitalist is found by not so smart people through mainstream resources. For that matter, the advice is mediocre but definitely overpriced.

    I joined this community mainly because this community want to focus on ONE SPECIFIC ASPECT of the problem. Unlike most guys here, tax evasion is not my interest. I want the freedom to do business in whatever niche I want, without my government stopping me. I guess this place is better for quality advice as it grow.

    I am also sure this site will be fading in Google results if it really achieve it's goals because authorities will start paying attention.
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  10. Luigi

    Luigi Active Member Entrepreneur

    Authorities? Why? I don't think that there is anything wrong in this site. Do you?
  11. burgerin

    burgerin New Member

    NOMAD CAPITALIST is not a scum, but his advices are really mediocre and limited to tax evasion. You found bettter info in this god blessed blog