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what an irony . i didn't notice that he had thread here running for years . well his blog looks good and i have bookmarked long time ago last time checked yesterday .
it might not be really updated blog but he put all offshore , immigration info all together in organized way . i liked to get advice from him for immigration or banking but i know the price would be high and probably not worth it because i was sure he wont give me any secret info . the girls in his site are just luring factor i find a bit irrelevant to use this girl with glasses at the bottom of site to prove his niche. eventually it didn't look professional.

Dorothy Atwater

New member
I posted that on scam as I'm trying to realize if he is a scammer or nor.

No, I don't know if he is or not, that's what I'm trying to verify.
Their recommendation for Best Safety Boxes in Panama City, Panama

I wrote the following comment on their "recommendation" page, but a message said "awaiting moderation" -- and they did not publish my comment.

I had a box at Best Safety Boxes in Panama City, Panama for two years. No authorized person had been into my box since I deposited some gold pieces in it. I live in Panama, but far away from the City. I recently went to Panama City to retrieve my items. The young male employee did not have me do the fingerprint screen or the facial recognition scan. I retrieved all items from my box.

When I checked, there was the same number of items but the configuration had changed. For example, there were fewer items that are permanently enclosed in plastic and replaced with items NOT in plastic. I still have to verify if everything is authentic.

My box at Best Safety Boxes in Panama City, Panama was compromised by entry of an unauthorized person. The message is to NOT use that facility and NOT to trust anything by Nomad Capitalist because they refused to publish my message and caution their readers about Best Safety Boxes.

Dorothy Atwater

New member
it's funny that so much hate is in this thread yet not a single customer with real experience, just a bunch of keyboard warriors.. like literally everything that has been written here is just in your own heads. fucking hilarious.
If you read my message, you will see that Nomad Capitalist recommends Best Safety Boxes on his site, with which I've HAD direct experience--and that Nomad Capitalist refused to allow me to post about my experience on their web site. Therefore, they are still recommending Best Safety Boxes in Panama City, Panama, after I posted that my box there was compromised by entry of an unauthorized person. There was nothing "hilarious" about the fraud, and Nomad Capitalist is leading people astray by recommending Best Safety Boxes.


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Never would consider being a client on account of the incredible amount on untrue horsesh*t posted on his website that anyone who actually works in the industry and is not a hack would facepalm from within minutes.


Every person has good and bad quality.
To progress in life focus on once positive one and ignore bad side. You can learn new things from everyone

I like his motto " "Go Where You're Treated Best""
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