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  1. T

    coinroom & bitmarket fast with verification

    With all the traffic going to other top sites these two might be a better option they are both based in Poland. Coinroom | Home page - instant Bitcoin & Litecoin exchange (BTC/PLN, LTC/PLN)
  2. Luigi

    Nomad Capitalist

    Searching for offshore companies on youtube you will find Andrew Henderson's videos, also called Nomad Capitalist. If you open his website he sells his service on a very hidden way, you have to fill a form, he asks mainly about how much money you have, then you can see that he sell 50 page books...
  3. D

    How to transfer money from belize to Indonesia besides using swift?

    I've heard that there are services that allow me to do so. Basically I transfer from belize bank to belize bank and they transfer money to Indonesia. What are such services? It's cheaper than swift.
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