How to transfer money from belize to Indonesia besides using swift?

Discussion in 'Offshore Company & Bank Account Guides' started by Donnel, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Donnel

    Donnel Member

    I've heard that there are services that allow me to do so.

    Basically I transfer from belize bank to belize bank and they transfer money to Indonesia. What are such services?

    It's cheaper than swift.
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  2. xfighter

    xfighter New Member

    Can't you use PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or other bank to withdraw your money directly to the Indonesian bank!??!
  3. Donnel

    Donnel Member

    I discovered transferwise. Paypal can seize your money for any reason. Skrill is even worse than paypal. Neteller I haven't checked. What is it?
  4. xfighter

    xfighter New Member

    How do you know they are doing it? I have had a PayPal account for years never got troubles.
  5. suzy

    suzy Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor Entrepreneur Business Angel

    Depends very much on how you setup your offshore company with PayPal. I learned it requires something more than just to signup for a PP account :)
  6. predator

    predator Mentor Group Mentor Group Sponsor

    You ca nuse some of the many exchange service if you don't want to make a direct SWIFT bank transfer to the destination bank!
  7. CoinMaster

    CoinMaster Member Entrepreneur

    Is that possible to do with BitCoins or simple bank transfer?