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  1. C

    Question How long does a bank transaction from Georgia to Switzerland take?

    Hi Guys My business partner has started a bank transaction last week (01.06.2021) from TBC Bank to my Bank in Switzerland. The operater of TBC Bank told him that the transaction need ca. 3-5 business days. So the money should landing max. Tu 15.06.2021. My bank told me if the money will...
  2. F

    Question Transfer a delinquent LLC WY

    Hello, before I start, have to say, that I only have good intentions in this, I just found out that a LLC in Wyoming would be a good choice for me, BUT, as I searched for good names I stumbled upon one which I really like and that I now want as my master company. The company is in Delinquent...
  3. boomy

    BTC Transfer is a long time along the way even if it say about an hour.

    I know this has been asked about a few times already, but what was the trick to speed up a transfer if it hangs in the system for 3 - 5 hours but it should only take an hour? Some people told you could pay extra to get it through some how, but I can't find the thread?
  4. M

    Question Looking for a way to withdraw from PayPal anonymously.

    Total newbie and civilian in anything financial but the forums topics interested me so here we go. If I was to set up a Pay Pal account is there any way to transfer money to a bank or an institution which would let me withdraw it to cash absolutely anonymously? Regular and local banks are all...
  5. M

    Help! my bank wont allow me to buy bitcoin, looking for a solution

    Hello, My name is Mike, I'm from Sweden, I am trying to buy BTC using Kraken, my bank is Nordea and won't let me transfer the money to Kraken for the reason that is a cryptocurrency, I even tried from another bank in Sweden and they decline the transaction as well. it pisses me off that they...
  6. ZurielS

    Money Transfer from an Offshore to an Onshore company

    I'm a freelancer from Austria and living between Austria and Bulgaria. I have an LTD (EOOD) and even the tax residency of Bulgaria (but it's, unfortunately, useless as my family is still in AT). So I can only prove my company was and is managed in BG and use the 10% corporate tax instead of AT...
  7. ISFurlan

    Question about LeuPay

    Hello, everyone. I'd like to know if anyone has used LeuPay to send and receive wire transfers from Forex brokers. If you're doing so, has LeuPay accepted it with no problems?
  8. D

    How to transfer money from belize to Indonesia besides using swift?

    I've heard that there are services that allow me to do so. Basically I transfer from belize bank to belize bank and they transfer money to Indonesia. What are such services? It's cheaper than swift.
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