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Question Transfer a delinquent LLC WY

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before I start, have to say, that I only have good intentions in this, I just found out that a LLC in Wyoming would be a good choice for me, BUT, as I searched for good names I stumbled upon one which I really like and that I now want as my master company.

The company is in Delinquent state reason: Inactive - Administratively Dissolved (Tax)
The inactive date was also the 06/09/2020, so from that date a company gets dissolved 2 years after, if the owner does not reinstate it, as my information's are right.

Standing - Tax
Standing - RA
Standing - Other
All of the forms below are required in order for this entity to reinstate.
2021 Annual Report Form
2020 Annual Report Form
Reinstatement Form
Registered Agent Resignation on 03/18/2021

The point is now, what options do I have to maybe get the company in the current registration form, with the older registration year of 2019, which is always nice to have and if I could arrange an agreement with the current owner, do I have to fear any taxing issues if the owner is not telling me all information correctly?

How much does a transfer cost of such operation?
What could I offer the owner as a reasonable price?
What if I am not reaching him on his address or email (no even using a registered agent anymore)?

Thanks for any information.

Best forlac


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You cannot take over the existing company (unless you figure out a way to contact the owner and buy it from them). But once the company is struck off, you might be able to register a new company with the same name.

If they have already filed their 2021 annual report, there has probably just been a delay paying the state fee. The company is probably not going to disappear anytime soon.

I wouldn't bother. Just think of a new company name. If you really want to use that company name as a brand name, and assuming there are no trademark issues (make sure to check that), you can just file a DBA (Doing Business As) to claim the name even if your company has a different name.


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I would do as @Sols describe, it make no sense to take over a company name that belongs to a past bad company registration, or at least where the risk exists.


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In Florida if a company is administratively dissolved for non payment of the yearly fee, the name is protected for 10 years and can not be reused for a new company during that time. Not only it protects the company from loosing their name if they just forgot to pay, but probably also, it is for the state to make sure that the company will pay all the late fee instead of re registering as a new one...

I am sure that Wyoming has the same kind of rules.
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