1. M

    Sales tax in US with EU company?

    Im from Hungary. I have an Estonian tech company and we created a new pay per view digital platform. We are in the pre-launch stage. So when users join to our website, they can buy content and after the successful payment they can see the contents. My question: Im Hungarian citizen. I have...
  2. M

    Do i need pay VAT in USA with Estonian company? B2C

    #USA #EU #VAT Hi, I founded a tech company in Estonia. We operating international website where users can buy contents (pictures & videos). If i have company with residence in Estonia (EU) but customer from USA and make a (B2C) purchase on my website, do i have to pay VAT to USA? (Based on...
  3. A

    Question Easy and safe options to open an offshore corporation with payment gateway for online classes and digital goods

    Hi, I would like to open a business (or maybe as a individual since I'm not planning on hiring anyone) to sell online classes and also different self -paced digital courses worldwide. I am French and have permanent residency in Paraguay and live there. I absolutely hate paperwork so I would...
  4. Icandbacc

    Question How are US-Based Puerto Rico Banks "Offshore"?

    For example, checking GK Bank International, with headquarters in San Juan PR -- even mentioning "USA" as Country instead of Puerto Rico on their website, even though it's actually Puerto Rico, I am not quite sure.. There is a difference between USA and Puerto Rico when it comes to...
  5. James Spader

    How to Become a US Citizen – Everything You Need to Know Before Filing Your Application

    Figuring out how to become a US citizen is not all about completing some forms and waiting for your new citizenship. In fact, it requires doing some homework, becoming familiar with the responsibilities, and discovering the main ways to do it properly. But before getting there, it is important...
  6. sandy56

    USA LLC for Indian Resident

    I'm a software dev looking into setting up a USA-based LLC, mostly for tax planning, and wanted to see if you guys could poke some holes into my structure because it looks a little too good to be true. Here's my understanding of such a setup. As of today, Place of Effective Management rules in...
  7. Cocopops

    How to get the US residency?

    I am from western europe, I left my country 5 years ago and lived in canada for 3 years 1 year ago with all the covid issues I moved to estonia I opened my company and took residency, my business is going well and i am happy to have escaped my evil country in western europe. Now I'm targeting...
  8. marioIT

    USA: land of the (not) free?

    It's getting every day more scary... I'd like to fill this thread with news about the (decadent) land of the free and hear your opinion about the issue. I am not American, so would like to hear some opinions about it. The latest one: just random sources...
  9. MONEY

    Open bank account for US-LLC at a real US Bank (Single-member, foreign-owned disregarded entity)

    Online opening: If the single member and also authorized member of a foreign-owned disregarded entity US-LLC want to open a bank account at a US bank online, is it possible? The member can provide a ITIN for him as a person, a US mailing address and also the EIN/ US address for the LLC. Is this...
  10. G

    Treatment of an US LLC if there's no tax treaty

    How's an US LLC treated if its non-US owner resides in a country that doesn't have any tax treaty with the US, and definitely no tax treaty specifying how an US LLC is treated by the local jurisdiction? Since it's not taxed in the US, and the local jurisdiction doesn't recognize it as a...
  11. R

    USA exchanges will probably share taxdata - Biden plans. At beginning budget drama was only about us-taxpayers but now it looks like now they plan go for everyone. I don't know what future will bring but price is rising and some people can make costly mistake.
  12. metronic

    Cyprus holding + USA LLC

    hey guys, I was wondering how Cyprus would see the income coming from a USA LLC. would it be seen as dividends or as dividends or as a regular (salary) income? if so, would Cyprus holding company owning the USA LLC help with that? (since the holding would own the company the profits would go to...
  13. F

    Question Transfer a delinquent LLC WY

    Hello, before I start, have to say, that I only have good intentions in this, I just found out that a LLC in Wyoming would be a good choice for me, BUT, as I searched for good names I stumbled upon one which I really like and that I now want as my master company. The company is in Delinquent...
  14. R

    As an US resident I did everything wrong... how to fix my TAX situation?

    This is my situation: I never declared any taxes ever in my 10+ years of legal residence in the US. I had been relatively poor most of that time, working for my extended family in the US. My bank account had always less than 10K USD and my coinbase account has always had less than 10K USD (until...
  15. F

    Best Setup for an Online Brand

    Hello, I'm in the process of building an online brand to sell to customers globally. I'm looking for the best company setup for this case, as i know from the posts here that every case is different. Been looking recently in BEPS tools and many structures, but i found out that OECD have took...
  16. Conduit

    Question Cheapest Online US Notary Service for Foreigners?

    Hi, I’m looking for the best notary service in the US that can notarize the US Post Office form for virtual mailbox for under $75 international rate per document/stamp. This used to be available for $25, same as domestic, but now it seems they’ve gouged the prices during lockdown.
  17. R

    USA Bank account for Delaware LLC

    Hello, I'm currently a Malta resident owning a Delaware LLC Currently operating in the virtual items market but also starting to get into eCommerce. The current setup I'm using is + Stripe + PayPal - Which was almost blocked because I entered a fake SSN instead of my EIN, they...
  18. T

    Delaware privacy for c-corp

    hi all i know owners of a delaware or wyoming llc are not appearing on any public registry and therefore benefit from total privacy for instance, owners of a C-corp do not enjoy this privacy after the initial filing, every Delaware corporation is required to file a Franchise Tax payment, in...
  19. J

    Which A US bank provide SKR (Safe keeping receipt)

    Dear All, I am looking for list of US banks which provide SKR (Safe keeping receipt). We do have clients located in USA they are seeking for Reliable banking. Any suggestions?
  20. Richard Hutta

    Where to create bank account for accepting payments from usa

    Hi Guys :) My residence is in Czech Republic (heart of EU) and Im working with USA corporation which I partially own. It would be really great if I can accept payments from USA and can somehow get around legislation in Czech . What banks are reliable for receiving money from USA? What is...