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  1. gap

    Help Needed: Best Country to Establish a Company

    Hello! I'm a Hungarian tax resident and the sole owner of a Hungarian KFT (Design & IT services). Due to some clients' preferences (GB, NL), I need to establish a company in a more "prestigious" country. My question is: which country would be the best for this purpose? As of 2024, the Double...
  2. M

    Musk's SpaceX is building spy satellite network for US intelligence agency, sources say

    SpaceX is building a network of hundreds of spy satellites under a classified contract with a U.S. intelligence agency, five sources familiar with the program said, demonstrating deepening ties between billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's space company and national security agencies. "No one...
  3. T

    Risk of using an employer of records (EOR)

    Hi everyone, I'm a business owner with a company based in the U.S., but I currently reside in Europe. I'm exploring the possibility of using an EOR (Employer of Record) to help manage my employment status in the European country where I reside. I would like to hire myself to have a local...
  4. eomeakyl

    Exchanging crypto to fiat via ACH for non-Americans

    I have bank accounts and credit cards in the USA. As a non-American, this has been good for several years. There were a few methods for me to convert crypto to fiat and transfer via ACH. Unfortunately, over time all these options have disappeared. It has been increasingly more difficult to get...
  5. myhand

    What you think about Union Joe ?

    Union Joe Biden will support the UAW when he was asked if he backs strikers' demand. Isn't this guy to old to be a president of the united states of America ...
  6. A

    Will my home country find out about my US residency?

    Very simple question: if I obtain US residency or citizenship, will my home country know about it? Opening a bank account as a US resident/citizen shouldn't trigger any reporting as I would be be considered a US person for tax purposes, which would be correct. I haven't lived in my home country...
  7. T

    Looking for no KYC exchange that accept ACH or wire transfer from a US bank

    Hi I am Looking for no KYC exchange that accept ACH or wire transfer from a US bank I'd like to buy Bitcoin and pay by wire transfer or ACH from my bank account in USA (My bank can only wire to banks in USA) Any idea ?
  8. clemens

    Same opportunity to enter the USA like in the UK ?

    I was researching a little to enter the UK with wife, and two children under the age of 18. After talk forth and back with some immigration lawyers in the UK they wold me the following: Now I got curious and it came to my mind if that would be the same possible way to relocate to the USA if I...
  9. gap

    Please help! US LLC vs Canadian LLP for a Hungarian tax resident?

    I think as I'm getting into the topic of tax optimization I'm evaluating my situation here in Hungary, which is not too bad. My case: I can't move for the next 4-5 years, I'm currently self-employed with an annual income of 200k-220k USD and 300k in savings, I offer consulting services...
  10. EliasIT

    Can you explain what is required to get a residence permit in the USA?

    I am considering moving to the US for the next 5 - 10 years. I am an EU citizen and have a valid passport. I also know that it is not easy to get a residence permit. Can someone explain what is required? maybe in simple terms and have links to more information?
  11. T

    USA LLC owned by European resident = VAT or no ?

    Hi all - I am a European resident, let say, in Spain. I own a USA LLC incorporated in Delaware and I elected that it would be taxed as a C-corp. I work with companies all over the world. When these companies are based outside Europe, then no problem. Now, let say, one of my client is a...
  12. B

    Crypto exchange that accepts transfers from US business banking account.

    I need to be able to make deposits from my US business banking account. Minimum KYC. Most exchanges don't accept it for some reason (probably securing themselves from money laundering or something)
  13. Martin Everson

    US The Top 400 Income Earners

    https://projects.propublica.org/americas-highest-incomes-and-taxes-revealed/#table-jump-link When your average annual income over a 6 year period is in excess of $1bn per an annum then saving taxes is a luxury imho :confused:.
  14. M

    Sales tax in US with EU company?

    Im from Hungary. I have an Estonian tech company and we created a new pay per view digital platform. We are in the pre-launch stage. So when users join to our website, they can buy content and after the successful payment they can see the contents. My question: Im Hungarian citizen. I have...
  15. M

    Do i need pay VAT in USA with Estonian company? B2C

    #USA #EU #VAT Hi, I founded a tech company in Estonia. We operating international website where users can buy contents (pictures & videos). If i have company with residence in Estonia (EU) but customer from USA and make a (B2C) purchase on my website, do i have to pay VAT to USA? (Based on...
  16. A

    Question Offshore corp with payment gateway for e-classes, digital goods?

    Hi, I would like to open a business (or maybe as a individual since I'm not planning on hiring anyone) to sell online classes and also different self -paced digital courses worldwide. I am French and have permanent residency in Paraguay and live there. I absolutely hate paperwork so I would...
  17. Icandbacc

    Question How are US-Based Puerto Rico Banks "Offshore"?

    For example, checking GK Bank International, with headquarters in San Juan PR -- even mentioning "USA" as Country instead of Puerto Rico on their website, even though it's actually Puerto Rico, I am not quite sure.. There is a difference between USA and Puerto Rico when it comes to...
  18. JohnLocke

    How to Become a US Citizen – Everything You Need to Know Before Filing Your Application

    Figuring out how to become a US citizen is not all about completing some forms and waiting for your new citizenship. In fact, it requires doing some homework, becoming familiar with the responsibilities, and discovering the main ways to do it properly. But before getting there, it is important...
  19. sandy56

    USA LLC for Indian Resident

    I'm a software dev looking into setting up a USA-based LLC, mostly for tax planning, and wanted to see if you guys could poke some holes into my structure because it looks a little too good to be true. Here's my understanding of such a setup. As of today, Place of Effective Management rules in...
  20. Cocopops

    How to get the US residency?

    I am from western europe, I left my country 5 years ago and lived in canada for 3 years 1 year ago with all the covid issues I moved to estonia I opened my company and took residency, my business is going well and i am happy to have escaped my evil country in western europe. Now I'm targeting...