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Seeking Programmer Partner for Escort Directory Website Seriously Only

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Sep 2, 2020
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I have invested over $6000 not even to have the site running, only look below if you are serious about the business.

The site is a classified ads site. Personals is one the many categories on the site. And no nudity allowed. So should say dating or personals classifieds more accurate. But payment gateways treat you the same as escort, so name doesn't matter.

When I try to employ a programmer, they know it's dating site, their attitude changed.

I don't know any php css coding. But I know basics about wordpress and plugins install. I can invest money and time. I know SEO, as I run advertising business before, I could do all the photo design, answer email, typing and customer service work. I Major in IT multimedia.

So if you are a programmer, good at php, java, css, python, gateways, WordPress, hooks, pls leave your comment below and give me a way to contact you.

You will get paid for what you are coding and bug fixing right now before any revenue come in. As a continuous technical support in long run, you are my partner, you don't need spend any money, you will share all the revenues deduct expense.

I am female, prefer a male programmer who doesn't discriminate the business, thank you.

from what I understand from your post, your current setup / development will give you incredible headache in the near future.

Relying on wordpress for such a venture limits your scalability and customization in tremendous way furthermore it will drive up the development costs unnecessary unless you are happy with a 0815 app . Also the most important part about such a venture is not the frontend, your limiting factors will be your database and the performance of your backend (tho thats not a big thing anymore in 2020).
Thank you for you reply.
Since I don't know any php coding, the only thing I know is wordpress. I have no choice right now. I did consider some stand alone themes before, once the author disappeared and stop update, that theme is useless then.
To start with you could post it in the proper forums, thread moved!
Well the issue will be, with wordpress as soon as you grow prolly your whole application will become useless and you have to migrate the data.

May I ask in which country / area you plan to launch the venture?
Domain name and hosting are both Switzerland. Ads Cities will be whole world.
Well from my experience, launching world wide will be an massive issue with getting enough traffic on it if you are providing the service for different "areas"

For example if you launch the app and you can post classifieds from all over the world for escorts the issue will be:

You launch an ad campaign, person X from Country Y sees it signs up but there is nothing in his area, he will delete the app cuz it seems useless = Lost customer + lost money from ad

Hope you get what I mean lol
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I like this kind of threads. Something fresh and different!

Well done on your journey.
Sound like your whole project plan is not fully formed in your head.

Why not use a ready platform? Wix or something similar?

If you still cant find anyone you can contact me for a conversation on the strategy of the project before you go into the details as it will save you a lot of time.
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thank you guys. How to contact you?

I am using non-wordpress standalone script now. The site is simple scripts, post ad quick, auto user registration after, pay with bitcoin or credit card. User login in their dashboard, edit ad, pay again to pump it or extend.

XML bulk Web scraping data with cell# and photos from multiple other personals dating sites using python, keep their source link for their copyright for sure.

Need someone to continous customize the site to fit user friendly and SEO needs. While I don't know php coding at all. We make together.

I was doing escort advertising before. I post ads for those agencies on different directory websites. I know it's lucrative business, girls will do whatever they can to get bitcoin to post on your site if you bring them clients, but they busy no time want ads posting be easy. They don't care spend multiple hundreds bucks on a site. However, those big websites make the ad submission, verification and payment process so complicated for the agencies and girls.
admire the loaded post...sarcasm

for real i laugh when see hustling stupi#21lol.

it's not an choice "You will get paid for what you are coding and bug fixing right now before any revenue come in"

ironic and good luck to him 'you don't need spend any money, you will share all the revenues deduct expense.'

have a budget and get used to throw money to your programmer before you have to pay him selfie nude.

all i can say good luck with the project .
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