1. wellington

    US 3.36 Billion Cryptocurrency Seizure Hid in popcorn tin, so asian.
  2. azb1

    Binance to stop supporting USDC, the second largest stablecoin
  3. Martin Everson

    Iran Greenlights Bitcoin, Crypto Payments For Imports ----- quote start Iran reportedly passed a law enabling the use of bitcoin as payment for imports and establishing a framework for the asset class, including mining regulations. Iran has passed...
  4. V

    Let's reflect together on the future of cryptocurrencies

    Does it still make sense to invest in Crypto today? What is the cryptocurrency market waiting for in 10/15 years? Apparently, as we read everywhere, states are gearing up to regulate this market, so it will be difficult to escape future stringent international standards. Buying cryptocurrencies...
  5. clemens

    Why is the cryptomarket exploding right now?

    FED made their announcement ysterday, I understand. But what let the BTC and ETH explode to new highest this month?
  6. aage

    Crypto market - the sh*t is exploding!! What's your next move?

    You are all following tight the crypto market, if not, don't need to read on. What's your thoughts, what is going on, will s**t hit the fan now?
  7. SoNewToAllShit

    Was Bitcoin not an alternative investment to the stock market?

    I have read lots of places that Bitcoin got its heyday during the recession in 2008, everything fell, bitcoin rose! So what happens now, the Stock market is down, the Crypto market is down and even Gold is down?
  8. C

    I'm looking to buy CPA leads , GEO ITALY AND NORWAY

    Hey there , Can you guy's help me with any trustful source for FOREX/ CRYPTO CPA leads ?
  9. maxmoney

    Bitcoin below 31K - how far will this go?

    WOW WOW DAMN s**t Bitcoin is going below 31,000 USD WTF. Is it the end of the crypto era?
  10. James Spader

    Bitcoin Suisse Review – A Well Established Player on an Emerging Market

    Buying and selling cryptocurrency… One of today's most common concerns. Everyone wants a slice of this massive pie, and everyone would be willing to spend some spare cash on digital coins. At the end of the day, you never know – what if it skyrockets overnight? But then, most people have no...
  11. burden

    Is it happening now, BTC below 37K !!??!!

    BTC is deep falling, is it happening now, crypto market collapse ?
  12. bizman

    Can we discuss Bitcoin and CRS ?

    Say I have a wallet with never given KYC or any private information at all, all well hided behind endless IP'S and proxies. How the hell will they be able to exchange tax information based on the coins I have in my wallet?
  13. cuno

    I assure you Bitcoin is going down to Zero in 2023!

    I'm so scared, I have nothing to say any longer I tell you Bitcoin will go down to Zero in 2023 so I will lose all my money, wealth and even my underpants I will lose. This guy made my day bad
  14. N

    Question Have a lot of Paysafecards, anyone interested in partnership?

    Hello, I get around 4.000€ - 7.000€ on Paysafecard PIN's through my website every month. Around. The problem is, right now I don't have any Payment Service Provider, which means, I can not get them paid out. If anyone is interested, I'm looking for a way to get paid out through Western Union or...
  15. azb1

    Crypto is legally recognized in India, with a 30% tax.

    India proposes 30% tax on crypto and NFTs income
  16. Singa

    Does anyone have long spectrocoin experiences ..!

    hi there , Does anyone have long spectrocoin experiences ..! withdrawing and depositing above 10k , do they close accounts, just like say wise , wirex , revolut, and thanks and i will appreciate your feedback
  17. AMD

    crazy bitcoin dumped 5000 US$ today!

    bitcoin dropped with 5000 US$ today - is that just because of Mr. Putin and the conditions in Ukraine ?
  18. azb1

    Visa: One in Four Businesses Surveyed Plan to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments This Year
  19. D

    Question SpectroCoin > Transferwise?

    Hello, This is my First Post in this awesome forum :D After couple days research is my conclusion valid: For e-Residency Estonian company that wants to offer Crypto Payments to the customers and has Transferwise account is this the best option: 1. Customer comes to the website 2. Pays with...
  20. B

    Exchange or website for selling BTC vs EUR/USD

    Hello, I own a company for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and currently I use p2p like localbitcoins, paxful, ... etc. But I want to open my own website to sell cryptocurrency there. I want the site to be very simple and uncomplicated, i want it to have a single interface that shows the...