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  1. P

    bticoin services

    I've been working with bitcoin on my own for some time now but decided last year to incorporate my company to offer services in the space. It's been a hard journey but would love to share my experience and know about how you guys are making it. Clearly the legal & banking stuff is the hardest in...
  2. SoNewToAllShit

    What is wrong in CryptoLand, Bitcoin low -16,7% !!

    Does someone know what is wrong in Crypto Land? The last week or more bitcoins has fallen from 41K highs to almost 31K low today, insane!! Does someone know if this has to do with the new US President Joe Biden?
  3. uplana

    How to prove source of funds, bitcoins back 2011?

    I want to know how it will be possible to prove source of funds towards tax authorities for my small bitcoin stash. Back in 2011 I bought some amount of coins for a few hundred $ now you may imagine they are worth a little more. During the past time I have found ways to get a stream of money...
  4. 2

    Need online bank acount to send money to Binance

    Hi, I live in Saudi Arabia ( not Bitcoin friendly ) and want to send money to a crypto exchange ( Binance, or any other ). My understanding is that I need a SEBA account to send money to Binance , provided that account can accept bank transfer from Saudi Arabia ( swift ). Is there such a bank or...
  5. ImKing

    Cryptoland is going down, world on fire!

    Over the last 24 hours the entire crypto market is down with more than 15% Anyone know what the hell is going on there? I just bought 4K Stellar and yesterday it went the wrong way and I lost 20% with a finger snip, damn I hate these up and downs all the time. Do you think this is the end...
  6. boomy

    bitcoin jumping around 40,000US$ and back 37,700 USD, why?

    Today bitcoin reached all times highs 40K US$ now it is hammered back to 37,7K US$ does someone know what is going on here? It looks very volatile the market at the moment, wonder if the crypto market is going back to zero shortly?
  7. E

    trading bitcoins with no verification

    Hello im starter i would like to start with just 1000-1500$ is there any website exchange trading bitcoins with no verification I be grateful
  8. myshufflemix

    Bitcoin 34000 US$ as of today!

    WTF Bitcoin reached 34,000 US$ per coin! What do you think, when will the big drop come or do you believe it will just continue up until it reaches 50K, 60K or even more? Reading from coindesk they explained the high demand of bitcoins comes from Institutions while in 2017 it was from noobs...
  9. fanban

    Need exchange fro BTC to USDC without verification?

    Does some know a reliable exchange where I can exchange BTC to USDC without verification documents provided (KYC documents) ? I need something that is cheap and fast in exchanging from bitcoin to the usdc. Need to be something we can trust and is reliable, like Exodus!
  10. pesto

    Today bitcoin reached all time high 29,000 US$ - !!BANG!!

    Did anyone noticed it already. I can tell you it will be a hell of a New Party in my home rof/%
  11. Admin

    Everything You Have To Know To Buy Gold For Bitcoins – Detailed Guide On Safe Investments

    Gold has always been rated as one of the safest investments in the world. It is available in a limited amount and its price keeps going up – much safer than flat currencies that come and go every few decades. On the other hand, these flat currencies have an apparently stronger competitor these...
  12. GiGoGo

    Question Bitcoin to Gold business

    Happy holidays. What you guys think about starting a business of selling physical gold for Bitcoin? Like you can send crypto and have a Gold Ounce delivered at home. There's no KYC requirements in my location for buying big amounts and insurance is not a problem. You guys think there's enough...
  13. erni

    We will witness the largest expiry in Deribit’s history tomorrow Dec. 25 ?

    If thast is true: Why is the Bitcoin up 5,81% tight now? Because it does not hit the time zone where it already is the 25/12-2020 or what is wrong with this?
  14. D

    Question Does anyone know a payment processing company which can accept debit cards at checkout, and deposit funds as bitcoin into the merchant's wallet?

    Does anyone know a payment processing company which can accept debit cards at checkout, and deposit funds as bitcoin into the merchant's wallet?
  15. sonato

    Bitcoin up 24.000 US$

    Have you seen it already: It is insane, this coin has made me very wealthy already and it continues to climb up towards new heights, insane.
  16. pesto

    Bitcoin beyond the bubble, have you seen it already?

    In July 1999 said Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize Winning Economist, that the Internet will be one of the major forces for reducing the role of governments, he said. The once thing that is missing but soon will be developed is the e-Cash, where you can transfer funds from A to B without A knowing...
  17. W

    Question BTC for cash exchange services in Cyprus

    Hello, Can someone recommend a reliable service provider in Cyprus? Thank you
  18. orangeye

    Is there any cryptocurrency that is in synergy with the other?

    I will give you an example. Every time Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies rise, BAT (Basic Attention Token) goes down! Now I wonder if there is some connection between these two cryptos or why this is the case in 99% of all times over the last 4 years I have been following the...
  19. blizz

    Cryptoland is calling again - PayPal allow Cryptocurrency as a funding source!

    It's completely wild that bitcoin has now crossed 17000 USD per bitcoin. I think there are some fortune tellers who are right, bitcoin will hit a minimum of 25000 USD by the end of 2020. It may be that some of you are a little tired of seeing a new thread every time bitcoin hits a new ceiling...
  20. Singa

    Here how you can send from crypto platform to TransferWise (legit)

    Hi there ✋ So i was talking to the TransferWise support about sending my funds from Cryptocurrency platform /service to transferwise balance.. The only way you can do it is that it must be coming from an account WITH YOUR NAME! Meaning you need to open an account with crypto platform that offer...
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