1. AMD

    crazy bitcoin dumped 5000 US$ today!

    bitcoin dropped with 5000 US$ today - is that just because of Mr. Putin and the conditions in Ukraine ?
  2. azb1

    Visa: One in Four Businesses Surveyed Plan to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments This Year
  3. D

    Question SpectroCoin > Transferwise?

    Hello, This is my First Post in this awesome forum :D After couple days research is my conclusion valid:For e-Residency Estonian company that wants to offer Crypto Payments to the customers and has Transferwise account is this the best option:1. Customer comes to the website 2. Pays with...
  4. B

    Exchange or website for selling BTC vs EUR/USD

    Hello,I own a company for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and currently I use p2p like localbitcoins, paxful, ... etc. But I want to open my own website to sell cryptocurrency there. I want the site to be very simple and uncomplicated, i want it to have a single interface that shows the...
  5. tradingworldwide321

    Question System Operative, Machine, Smartphone and apps focused on privacy and security

    Hello allI hope you are doing well.I was wondering what are the best System Operatings, laptops brands, smartphones brands, apps for encrypted email, chat and voice communication, web browsing, passwords managers and vpn/vps providers all focused on privacy and security.As far as I have...
  6. N

    Cryptocurrency franchise

    Hello Please does anyone here have or know who has an experience with owing a Cryptocurrency Franchise. I will need some adviceI plan buying a Crypto Franchise from an EU regulated Crypto company and establish the franchise in Africa. The name of the company is ConfieldI have seen the...
  7. azb1

    Swissquote To Launch Crypto Exchange To Launch Crypto Exchange
  8. azb1

    Mastercard Network to Offer Crypto Products Mastercard will allow US banks and millions of merchants to integrate crypto into their products
  9. Singa

    any SpectroCoin Experience with High TRX?

    does any1 use SpectroCoin? what's your take? does they freeze accounts? and what about their personal IBAN .. who claimed? thnx
  10. azb1

    Facebook launches digital currency wallet Novi Company chooses Paxos Dollar over its own cryptocurrency project Diem for pilot launch
  11. tdk

    Crypto-friendly bank in Spain to facilitate tax payment?

    (New member. Please let me know if I should post this in some other section of the forum. I have checked other people's posts but could not find a solution to my problem)Hi. Spanish citizen here.THE PROBLEM Years ago, living in the UK, I bought BTC on a personal meeting through...
  12. azb1

    Vladimir Putin sees value in cryptocurrencies Vladimir Putin sees value in cryptocurrencies
  13. burden

    Bitcoin almost 60K will it go up to 100K this time?

    What's your thoughts about the Bitcoin to be almost 60K worth - do you believe it to go up to 100K shortly? or will it break to go back and come back to 100K next year?
  14. azb1

    Payments giant Stripe says its reentering the crypto market giant Stripe says its reentering the crypto market
  15. S

    African Offshore banking or company? for crypto cashout?

    Are any of the jurisdictions in Africa reasonably low tax and easy going with banking for crypto cash out?Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Rwanda, Ivory Coast- countries that are relatively stable, and have a stable currency.How do banks look at white European foreigners in these types of...
  16. C

    Cashout crypto benefits for travelling to Asia.

    Hello buddies,My name is Jean and I am planning a long trip for some months to the south east of Asia to somewhere like Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand, Vietnam ...Like 2 years ago I invested some money in some crypto and now its value has increased quite a lot and I was wondering...
  17. azb1

    Capgemini says nearly half the world will be using cryptocurrencies to send money in the next two years — a revolution led by remittances says nearly half the world will be using cryptocurrencies to send money in the next two years — a revolution led by remittancesA new report by Capgemini estimates that around 45% of users will be using cryptocurrencies to make payments by 2023.
  18. U

    Real estate acquisitions with Bitcoin

    The acquisition of international real estate for Bitcoin as means of payment is in a developing stage. Regulatory or practical hurdles are to manage the deal similar to an over-the-counter Bitcoin exchange, to meet the red-tape requirements of the local land office, the scope and level of...
  19. Martin Everson

    China declares all crypto-currency transactions illegal quote startChina's central bank has announced that all transactions of crypto-currencies are illegal, effectively banning digital tokens such as Bitcoin."Virtual currency-related business activities are illegal financial activities," the...
  20. O


    Is there anyone with experience with investing in cryptos with UAE business that has Bankera account for this purpose? Pros and cons? Of what would you recommend for a UAE company that wants to invest money into crypto?