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  1. K

    Mistertango for business

    Hey! I have read some different views on the Lithuanian electronic payment service provider Mistertango. I am currently in the middle of opening an account with them for my brokerage business. Before sending them any money, I would like to hear about some of your experiences especially on the...
  2. P

    Best country to open a bitcoin trading company

    Hello I'm a portuguese citizen and tax resident and want to start a company for bitcoin trading. The business can be managed almost 100% online so I'm searching for the best possible country for this. The things I'm looking at are: - How easy it is to open a business for a non-resident. - If...
  3. R

    any working btc card ?

    I know many services stopped working recently. is there any options left ? Something like advash where you upload btc and withdraw cash at atm.
  4. Saulgood

    Business account for bitcoin trading

    Hi there, thanks to everyone spending time to read and reply in advance!! Including admin and the Mentor group hopefully. UK citizen here working and living in England and also Turkish citizen. I'm currently paying tax through my full time employment only in UK. I don't currently own a company...
  5. L

    Buy Bitcoin with hk company

    Hi Guys ! Question is simple : how an offshore company located in Hong Kong could buy but coins ? It looks simple, but the process to register company account on exchanges like kraken is hadache, and information needed are crazy (i don't speak about the time it could take). Amount should be...
  6. btcking

    Bitcoin intermedation

    Hello, I'm starting a cryptocurrency broker in Argentina. So my plan is this: 1) Open a company in Seychelles (taxation in Argentina is one of the highest in the world). 2) Open a bank account that supports both SEPA and SWIFT transfers (LeuPay for example, both they do not allow bitcoin...
  7. R

    Duecoin – Getting listed on HitBTC!

    We are proud to announce that Duecoin, one of the most anticipated ICO is finally making an entry into the exchange and that is on HitBTC. HitBTC tweeted that they will soon list DUEC see the tweet here: HitBTC on Twitter We look forward to a long partnership with HitBTC, so we invite...
  8. CoinBoss

    Offshore Company Options for Bitcoin Trading?

    Hello guys! I'm looking to set up an offshore company to trade crypto without having to pay taxes. I'm currently based in the UK but will move to the US in a year, so anything I set up needs to be legit in both countries. I'm doing this to save tax, not to hide anything. 1) I heard that Belize...
  9. diablo

    The biggest problem facing bitcoin exchanges has nothing to do with price

    If you are wondering what the hell is going on in Cryptoland you want to have a nice read at the below link: The biggest problem facing bitcoin exchanges has nothing to do with price It actually sum it all nicely up and also explain why you want to HOLD your crypto currency for a while to...
  10. icecold

    Top 10 Crypto Coind bleeding, what's wrong?

    Over the past 14 days I see that all coins are bleeding they have fallen with more than 50% since then. Is there anyone that is still believing that the marked will rise again or is this the END of crypto currencies including Bitcoins and Etherium?
  11. H

    Offshore Corp HK + MisterTango Acc Crypto Trading

    Hi guys, Firstly, amazing forum! i have been reading and learning for the last year and finally decided to do something and now i am hoping i can get some amazing advice from you amazing people. So i recently met a bitcoin OTC guy here in my country and he informed me that he would be willing...
  12. diablo

    The coinmarket, btc,eth,xml is falling again!

    Does anyone know why the coinmarket is Falling again now? Usually it is one day or two and then it rise Again, this time it rise, fall, rise,fall it's strange compared to the past. Does anyone know what is going on?
  13. V

    Best offshore setup for cashing out Bitcoin and crypto?

    Hello all, New here and to the offshore corporation world, and impressed so far by what I'm discovering. I have cryptocurrency funds that I can't cash out in my EU country due to unbelievably high taxes. However I do not want to settle in some tax haven for now. Is the following setup...
  14. P

    Banking solution which accepts debit card for funding

    Hi guys, I'm planning to set up a bitcoin trading business. I been going through this forum and it Seemes pretty interesting. I'm a newbie here. I would like to set up a bank account with a bank which can accept payments through debit card. Payment will be originating from my personal account...
  15. diablo

    Cryptocurrency and token cloud mining, questions?

    I'm all new to the most of mining and was searching and doing research on cloud mining. During my research I symbled upon the below websites which seem to be legit: https://www.genesis-mining.com http://www.hashflare.io/‎ However, I don't understand how much money I will make per day in $...
  16. blip

    wire transfer -> AdvCash -> bitcoin, what am I missing?

    Hello, I have money wired into AdvCash account. I want to buy bitcoins and then have them transferred to an arbitrary btc address (outside of Advcash). I feel I'm missing something fundamentally on how to buy and transfer bitcoins from within AdvCash. 1. Do I have to use an exchange like...
  17. D

    Cryptocurrency Banking

    Hi Guys, Really struggling to establish a banking relationship for my Cryptocurrency business. Does anyone have any suggestions on how/with who i can get this banked? I will have large amounts entering/exiting the account. I'm incorporated in the Channel Islands. Thanks in advance.
  18. diablo

    Someone know bonpay.com ?

    I stumbled upon Bonpay Fees they use the same provider to issue debit cards as AdvCash do but are a Little cheaper. Do you know this company and have any experience with them?
  19. C

    Looking to setup offshore company

    Hello, I am from India. I am looking to open an offshore company in a tax free country. I have foreign clients and I work for them as freelancer from India. My client pays me via bitcoin. I need to pay GST + Income Tax. Now, according to rules, GST is not applicable on export of service. But...
  20. blip

    Astro Bank Cyprus (former Piraeus Bank) and crypto currencies, love or hate?

    Anyone knows about the stance of Astro Bank (Cyprus) and moving out funds to a crypto exchange trading crypto currencies (e.g. Kraken or Bitstamp)? Will the bank close down the bank account because they do not like you trading in bitcoins? Anyone on the forum with experience with this bank?
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