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  1. M

    Crypto Cash Out 6 Figures

    Hi, I am relatively new to crypto and have managed to get a 6 figure balance together and would like to know the best way to cash out. I’m currently in the UK and was wondering whether considering UAE is something I can do and is it worth it overall. TIA
  2. GendalfB

    Question Crypto to fiat cash out

    Hello everyone. I have couple of banks in mind (Swiss and UAE) to set up account. Main purpose - cash out crypto to fiat. What is better: 1 - to be proactive and discuss with bank main purpose, show all the proof of legality of my crypto, solve all the possible questions upfront. To prevent...
  3. GendalfB

    Crypto-friendly banks in UAE

    Hello everyone! I’ve received Emirates residency and looking for crypto-friendly bank in UAE to set up account. Despite I can provide proof of legality of my crypto and fiat funds there was information that not all UAE banks like transfers to/from cryptocurrency exchanges for whatever reason...
  4. Singa

    Does Transferwise will not reject my transaction if the funds are sent from an IBAN with my name? ex(

    Hi everybody, In my situation, the only and the best way to me to Cash out my crypto is thru TransferWise, and i just want to make sure is ok to send to TW from crypto platform that gives u Personal IBAN with your name? If you had any experience u can tell with this very situation, would be...
  5. P

    Cashout BitCoin

    I ask for info to all the experts. The situation is as follows: A customer has to buy goods and can only pay by bank transfer. My supplier, on the other hand, wants to receive the money in cash only. We are talking about an average volume of 80k per month. Which solution do you think is most...
  6. Ashitaka

    Best ways to cash out crypto trading

    I have read 99% of the threads about this topic and eventhough there are some interesting theories I haven't seen many testimonials about people cashing out >$500k from crypto investing and/or trading in Europe. It seems to me that the best options for figures around $500K - $2MM are via flat...
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